Fast Loading Times: Although Astra is meant to be light and fast, it does make page loading times faster. Minimalist Code: The code used to make the theme is clean and efficient, which will make your website smaller and faster.


Customizer Settings: Through the WordPress Customizer, Astra gives users a lot of ways to change different parts of their site without having to know a lot about code. Starter Templates: Astra comes with starter templates that are already made for different niches. These templates give you a strong base for designing your website.


Page Builders: You can use famous page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others with Astra, which lets you design your pages visually. Plugin Compatibility: The theme is made to work perfectly with well-known WordPress plugins, making sure that everything is compatible and the user experience is smooth.


Active Development: The Astra theme is changed often to fix security issues, make it run faster, and add new features. Community and Documentation: There is a lively group of Astra users, and there is documentation to help people find their way around and change the theme.


Mobile-Friendly: Because Astra is adaptable and mobile-friendly, your website will look good and work well on a wide range of devices.


WooCommerce Integration: Astra works well with e-commerce sites and is fully compatible with the well-known WooCommerce plugin.


Accessibility Ready: Astra is made to be accessible, so people with a wide range of disabilities will be able to use your website.