SEOQuake: Plugins for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, & Safari



DECEMBER 22, 2023

SEOQuake is a free tool that helps people learn about SEO without spending money on fancy tools. It's great for beginners or anyone wanting to understand how SEO works.


What is SEOQuake?

SEOQuake is not only free but works just as well as paid tools. It's liked by professionals because it's easy to use and gets the job done.


Easy and Useful

SEOQuake is like a helper for your internet browser. It shows you important details about any website you're looking at, and you can choose what details you want to see.


What It Does

Easily see how well your website is doing compared to others, check out all the links, see important keywords, and quickly check your website's performance – all with SEOQuake!


Cool Features

SEOQuake also shows you how other websites are doing on Google without making you do a lot of extra work. This saves you time!


Time Saver

When you use SEOQuake, it shows important information in a simple bar on top of your webpage or in a detailed panel.


Simple Display

You can easily get SEOQuake for free on popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. Just follow some simple steps to install it and start using it for your website.


How to Get It

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