SEOQuake: Plugins for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari & Internet Explorer


Most people who start out in the field of digital marketing or people who want to learn the fundamentals of SEO for their own website, initially refrain from investing a lot of money in buying paid tools and subscriptions to different analytics websites.

Many of the paid tools often deliver on their promises by providing even the minute details and data about the pages on the internet, however, for someone who may not be familiar with digital marketing may not be able to make the most out of it.

Therefore for anyone who is doesn’t understand a lot about SEO and digital marketing but is keep on learning quickly and efficiently, they should first get used to free tools that are available on the internet.

SEOQuake is one such free tool available on the internet which is, not only free but is at par with many other paid tools and online websites as well. This is one of the reasons why many professional digital marketers also use SEOQuake because of its versatility and efficiency.

SEOQuake is used as a plugin extension for your browser. This enables you to have a look at important SEO metrics of any website you or webpage on the internet. You can also select what parameters are most important to you.

The most impressive feature of SEOQuake is that it offers you the option to create your own parameter which you would like to receive. You can check out how to create a custom parameter in SEOQuake from here.

The most important and useful features of SEOQuake are described below:

  • Compare Domains and URLs:

This feature enables you to see how different pages and domains of your competitors are performing. It allows you to check various parameters for your desired list of pages that you have compiled in one go. It allows you to keep tabs on how your website or webpage is performing as compared to different pages on the internet in a single window instead of doing a comparison for each URL.

  • Internal and External Links:

There are internal and external links present on almost all pages on the internet. As a digital marketer or a website owner, you may want to look at the various internal and external links a webpage is hosting in order to make a strategy for yourself.

This feature of SEOQuake enables you to have a look at all of the internal and external links present on a webpage in individual tabs along with their Anchor Text and the various SEO parameters associated with it.

  • Keyword Density

As keyword density is one of the most important factor in SEO, it is crucial to understand the how your page and the competitor pages incorporate the various keyword in their domain.

The Keyword density tab enables you to look at all the important keywords used in the current page. It shows you the total word count, repetition of various keywords, density, as well as their importance in google while ranking in the prominence column. It also displays 1, 2, 3 and 4-word keyword phrases as well.

  • SEO Audit for the Page

Regular SEO Auditing is a very important task for any professional digital marketers or website owner. The ‘Page SEO Audit’ feature allows you to conduct a quick test with the help of SEOQuake to see if your website passes the various inbuilt parameters set in the plugin.

It checks the webpages for various parameters which are centered towards the analysis of the page, domain and its compatibility with mobile devices.

  • SERP Overlays

The SERP overlays feature of SEOQuake, shows the various SEO metrics of the google search results for your particular keyword. This helps in identifying the key points of competitor pages and other websites on the internet in a glance without performing a separate comparison. This saves time and helps you make changes to your content marketing strategy.

  • SEO Bar and SEO Panel

SEOQuake also displays key SEO metrics in the form of a dedicated SEO panel and a SEO Bar which is displays on top of the current page. The SEO Bars show information in the concise manner with on the most important metric visible on the top. Whereas, the SEO Panel displays detailed information regarding the domain with all the parameters included in SEOQuake.

How to install SEOQuake?

The fact that all of the above mentioned features and much more are available for free in the form of a mere plugin for your web browser is one of the most impressive thing about SEO Quake.

SEOQuake is available for most of the popular web browsers available online such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera as well as iPhones and iPads.

Let us look at how you can download SEOQuake for different web browsers.

SEOQuake for Chrome

In order to use SEOQuake for Chrome you can go to the official website of SEOQuake in Google Chrome where you can find the link which will direct you to install the extension of SEOQuake for Chrome Or you can directly do to the extensions option in Google chrome and search for SEOQuake plugin yourself.

SEOQuake for Safari

SEOQuake for Safari is an important tool to conduct SEO Audit on Mac devices. Just go to the official SEOQuake website in Safari and click on the download SEOQuake for Safari link. Your download will start automatically. After which you only need to click on it to install and then you are ready to configure and use SEOQuake for Safari as per your preference.

Now you’ll be able to use all those Chrome Extension in Safari.

Here is how to import chrome extension in Safari?

Apple says that there are two ways for developers to make Safari web extensions:

• Convert your existing extension into a Safari web extension, so you can use it in Safari on macOS and distribute it in the App Store. Xcode includes a command-line tool to simplify this process.
• Build a new Safari web extension in Xcode using the built-in template. You can then repackage the extension files for deployment in other browsers

Apple gave more information about how it would work in a WWDC video session.

SEOQuake for Firefox

Mozilla firefox in one of the most widely used web browsers therefore it is important that your install the extension of SEOQuake for firefox as well. The process is simple, you can go to extensions in Mozilla Firefox and find the SEOQuake plugin.

However, due to the existence of various counterfeit extensions it is advisable that you go to SEOQuake website first in Mozilla Firefox. From there you can click on SEOQuake for Firefox at the bottom and it will redirect you to the page from where you can download and install the extension easily.

SEOQuake for Opera

Opera is also among the list of most popular desktop web browsers. In order to download SEOQuake for Opera, you follow the same method as described above by going to the official website in the opera browser and clicking on the link for SEOQuake for Opera at the bottom which will take you to the link from where you can download the SEOQuake add on.

SEOQuake for iPhones and iPads

As the world has become quite fast paced and it you might need to get constant update about the SEO metrics of different pages on the internet. You can do so by using the SEOQuake app for iPhones and iPads.

Just go to the app store and download and install the SEOQuake app on your iPhone of iPad devices to use it on the go.

SEOQuake is completely safe to use and offers a lot of features and resourceful information for free. You can even choose to toggle the SEOQuake data whenever you want from the button at the top right corner of the bookmark bar in your browser.

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