Rank Math Review: Better than the Yoast Plugin?

When it comes to WordPress SEO plugins, two heavyweights are battling for the top spot: Yoast, the seasoned veteran, and Rank Math, an ambitious newcomer. Both tools offer optimization benefits for search engines, but which one is superior? We will check out this Rank Math review, where we also do a side-by-side comparison of Rank Math vs Yoast.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Rank Math stand out from its competitors by analyzing its features, functions, and potential to overthrow Yoast as one of its leading competitors.

Essentially, Rank Math is a comprehensive plugin that simplifies the process of on-page optimization. It facilitates various functions, such as creating SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions, examining keyword usage patterns, and tracking internal linking performance to enhance your search engine visibility. However, despite its streamlined interface design, Rank Math provides many advanced features beyond just the basics.

What is Rank Math?

The two plugins have common features, including on-page optimization tools, keyword analysis, and technical SEO capabilities. In comparison to Yoast’s free version, which concentrates on basic on-page optimization and lacks advanced features, Rank Math stands out with its feature-rich free option. This includes providing schema markup, internal linking suggestions, and limited rank-tracking capabilities.

Both Rank Math and Yoast provide SEO scoring and readability assessments. While Rank Math provides a detailed breakdown with keyword, schema, and hyperlink data for evaluation purposes; Yoast uses a traffic light system in addition to color-coded scores when generating reports.

Opting for either Rank Math or Yoast may pose a challenge due to the abundance of features they provide for enhancing your WordPress site. Nonetheless, thoroughly examining their features can aid in making an enlightened choice.

Features of Rank Math

The Rank Math tool provides numerous features that can assist with diverse SEO tasks, including:

1. On-page optimization

  • Titles & Meta: It assists with crafting SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions.
  • Link Counter: Counts the total number of internal and external links to and from links inside posts. You can also see the same count on the Posts List page.
  • Keyword Rank Tracker: Rank Math tracks the rank of the keywords.
  • 404 Monitor: Records the URLs on which visitors & search engines run into 404 errors. You can also turn on redirections to redirect the error-causing URLs to other URLs.
  • Image SEO: Advanced Image SEO options to supercharge your website. Automate the task of adding the ALT and title tags to your images on the fly.
  • Local SEO: Dominate the search results for local audiences by optimizing your website for Local SEO and it also helps to aquire the Knowledge Graph.
  • SEO Analyzer: Rank Math analyzes the website and content of the website using 28+ different tests to provide tailor-made SEO analysis.

2. Technical SEO

  • Sitemap: The generation of XML sitemaps involves the creation and submission of these maps to search engines.
  • Video Sitemap: For the video content, a Video Sitemap is a recommended step for better rankings and inclusion in the video search.
  • News Sitemap: Create a News Sitemap for your news-related content. You only need a News sitemap if you plan on posting news-related content on your website.
  • Schema (Structured Data): Enable support for the structured data, which adds Schema code to the website, resulting in rich search results, better CTR, and more traffic.
  • Redirection: The Redirection Manager assists in configuring redirects for pages that have been relocated or broken with 301 and 302 code status.
  • AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages. Rank Math automatically adds the required meta tags to all AMP pages.
  • Analytics: Connect Rank Math with Google Search Console to see the most important information from Google directly in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Instant Indexing: Directly notify search engines like Bing & Yandex using the IndexNow API when pages are added, updated, or removed, or submit URLs manually.

3. Additional features

  • Content AI: Get sophisticated AI suggestions for related Keywords, Questions & Links to include in the SEO meta & Content Area. Supports 80+ countries.
  • Rank tracking: With rank tracking, you’re given the ability to monitor how your website ranks for particular keywords.
  • Integrating social media: This facilitates the sharing of your content across various social media platforms.
  • WooComerce: The SEO for WooCommerce plugin is designed to enhance the search engine optimization of your online store.
  • Google Web Stories: Make any Story created with the Web Stories WordPress plugin SEO Ready with automatic support for Schema and Meta tags.
  • Podcast: Make your podcasts discoverable via Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and similar services with the Podcast RSS feed and Schema Markup generated by Rank Math.

Pricing of Rank Math

rank math review

Comparison of Rank Math with Yoast, AIO SEO, and SEOPress

rank math review

Conclusion of Rank Math Review

The decision of whether to crown Rank Math as the new champion over Yoast is ultimately in your hands. Both tools possess distinct advantages and disadvantages, serving varying user requirements and tastes. If you are new to SEO and looking for a robust plugin at no cost, Rank Math is an outstanding pick.

It’s user-friendly interface and wide range of features make it an excellent option. For those on a limited budget, Rank Math’s free version provides substantial benefits in comparison to its competitors. Rank Math’s active development and emphasis on innovation make it an exciting choice, especially for those willing to try something new.

However, if you give priority to top-notch customer service, consider investing in Yoast Premium, as it prioritizes direct customer support. To ensure stability and peace of mind, opt for Yoast, a brand with a long-established track record. If you prefer a minimalist approach, Yoast’s free version could be enough to fulfill your basic SEO requirements.

Keep in mind that SEO encompasses a holistic approach, and the plugin you select is merely one component of it. Consistently creating content, obtaining high-quality backlinks, and continuously optimizing your website are fundamental to achieving lasting success. Consequently, conduct trials and analysis before selecting a tool that enables you to reach your SEO objectives!