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107+ Guest Posting Sites in 2021

A Guest Post is way to write blogs or articles and posted them in the other websites. The concept of guest posting is different from regular blog posting.

For a number of reasons such as invading branded search query or getting your brand mentioned, guest posts are considered as valuable tools.

It is majorly used to embed backlinks.

In general, guest posters write the blogs or articles to:


  • Dive the traffic to their websites
  • Strengthen their domain authority by using some external links to high authority domains
  • Boost their brand awareness and credibility
  • Help create business relationships with peers.


How guest posting is used?

Powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires strong and effective content and one of the greatest ways to improvise your SEO is to broaden the reach of your content by contributing to the websites of high-authority.

Guest posting is considered as one of the strongest ways to boost the traffic and increase audience for your website despite few facts about the durability of this inbound marketing approach.

Basically, guest posting is a straightforward technique which indicates posting as a guest on the blog of another person.

Start posting content to other industry specific blogs related to your niche if you want to gain the trust of your target audience and want to promote your brand.   

7 best ideas on how to get your guest post approval


  • Your guest post should be no less than 700 words.
  • It takes energy and time to write a guest post, therefore, do not put efforts by contributing your post to those websites whose visitors are not your target audience.
  • Avoid posting duplicate content. Make sure that your content should be 100% authentic. You should be really very sure otherwise your post may get rejected.
  • You content should be perfectly written. You must proof read your content before submitting. You need to be extra careful about punctuation, spelling and grammar. Make sure that the submission to guestposting sites should be your best work.
  • Avoid including fluffy stuff just to fill the gap. Always provide really informative and significant content so that it will get the audience to your blog.
  •  One of the most essential you should do when your post is live is to read out each and every comment and answer every query raised by a reader. It is a great opportunity to build relationships and share your expertise with the audience.
  • Always keep your bio precise and to the point. Your reader can know you better at your own website.


Top 7 benefits of Guest Post in Search Engine Optimization

Do you know, guest posting caters several amazing benefits both for you and your company.

Here are the major benefits of Guest post in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Boosting Brand Awareness:

Guest posting is considered as a great way to boost up your personal brand and company. Posting content on a popular websites can display your thought leadership and expertise.

Build Your Backlinks:

One of the major reasons that attract people towards writing a guest post is that a guest post help create good and strong backlinks. This is a blessing for SEO since the algorithms still prioritize quality backlinks in search engines such as Google.

Increase Organic Traffic:

The backlinks are connected with the performance of your web pages. Every related link back to the particular content is beneficial in increasing the organic traffic.

When the visitors reach your content via search engines, it will eventually boost up the organic traffic at your website.

Offers Network Expansion:

For other websites, guest posting sites helps to build networks between the readers and website owners. Such networks often result in collaborations and partnerships which is quite advantageous for business relationships.  

Brand Promotion via Social Media:

Another mesmerizing benefit of guest post is utilizing social media platforms. There are multiple website owners who share new content with their social media followers. Most probably some of them are not following your account.

Just remember, your primary objective is to display your brand in various social media platforms relevant for your brand.

Improve Authority in the Industry:

Authority is considered as one of the main aspects of an effective marketing strategy.

Guest posting helps to establish authority in your business. The more quality content you deliver to people; the more it develops a faith in your brand.

It is essential to provide reliable information in order to develop a trust in people.

Constructive Community Feedback:

You always need to come up with new ideas and modification plans in order to develop amazing digital marketing strategies to satisfy the current needs.

One of the advantages of writing a guest post based on business content is to receive community insight. Ultimately this will help to refine your marketing strategies.

In the comment section of your guest post, readers share their ideas and experiences. These comments are the constructive feedback shared by the people from different areas.

7 Easy guidelines for Guest Posting


  • You should always publish high quality content on your blog. The more informative content you have in your blog the more traffic you will attract.
  • Do not submit affiliate/ referral links in your posts otherwise it will lead to create a negative impact on your website.
  • Only unpublished and original work is acceptable.
  • Thoroughly proof read your work. Your content should be error-free, readable and fluent.
  • Do not forget to include practical tips, examples and facts.
  • Your post should be submitted as a Google Doc or a Word document (.doc or .docx).
  • Your post should include references and in-text citations.


List of Guest Posting Sites

Guest Posting Sites DA PA 94 72 95 77 95 74 94 75 94 75 93 77 93 69 93 65 93 55 93 91 93 78 92 69 92 65 92 70 92 73 92 73 92 73 92 62 91 65 91 76 91 42 91 66 90 62 90 65 89 60 88 60 87 66 87 65 87 64 86 61 86 64 86 54 86 63 85 64 85 63 84 60 84 68 84 61 83 59 83 58 82 65 82 64 82 63 82 56 81 63 81 65 80 64 80 62 80 66 80 64 79 65 79 65 79 59 78 63 78 34 78 64 77 64 77 70 76 63 76 61 76 59 75 48 75 59 74 62 74 60 74 60 73 66 73 62 71 63 71 62 71 62 70 62 70 59 70 61 69 59 69 63 68 60 68 62 68 57 67 40 67 57 66 57 66 56 66 58 65 57 65 57 65 44 64 62 64 58 64 58 63 37 62 64 62 57 61 54 60 55 60 57 60 54 58 40 58 55 57 61 55 58 55 53 53 56 47 54 47 58 19 24 13 20

The content above will help you to provide a precise overview of Guest Posting Sites in Search Engine Marketing (SEO) along with its mesmerizing benefits and quick guidelines. In order to reach new audience in your industry, boost the credibility and improve your SEO rankings, follow the above guidelines.

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