65+ High Domain Authority PDF Submission Sites List

To improve your website’s or business’s Google ranking, you need to use PDF submission websites. In this list, we’ve included some of the best PDF submission sites that can help you get high-quality backlinks and increase the number of visitors to your site.

Over 65 high-ranking PDF submission sites are included in this list. We’ve narrowed the list down to these sites based on factors, including Moz domain authority. As a method of assisting you, we’ve compiled a list of the finest PDF submission sites for search engine optimization.

Free file-sharing sites are also available for those who use their services for nothing. Here’s all you need to know about submitting a PDF.

What is PDF submission in SEO?

PDF sharing is a kind of off-page SEO strategy that includes sharing a PDF file with as many people as possible via the Internet. Its PDF upload is the most convenient method for gaining backlinks and boosting website traffic. Research papers are the most common place to submit a PDF.

You may increase the visibility of your PDF files in search engine results by optimizing them. The types of words you use in the PDF are emphasized further because they are a fundamental requirement.

The PDF’s content should grab the interest of the reader. Submitting a PDF to various websites serves as a means of distributing information about your website.

PDF Sharing Tips

Tips for efficiently submitting PDFs include the following:

  • Titles, descriptions and anchor texts always are varied during PDF submissions.
  • Publish Quality stuff. Subscribers, click-throughs, and rankings are all affected by the quality of your material.
  • A title’s relevance and relevance should never be in doubt. Avoid overdoing keywords in your titles.
  • Automated systems that bookmark your links on hundreds of other websites are not a good idea.
  • When uploading a PDF, only choose categories relevant to the file.

How to Create a PDF File

  • Content for your PDF has to be written first.
  • Ensure that your material is optimized for quality, engagement, and in-depth information.
  • Don’t forget to include your most important keywords in the body of the article.
  • Depending on the format and subject matter of your PDF, you may want to have photographs.
  • You’ll need a valid email address, Facebook, LinkedIn, or a Gmail account to sign up.
  • Submit the PDF files as soon as you’ve registered.
  • Don’t forget to tag your posts correctly to appear in search results.
  • These formats are acceptable: PDF
  • Make sure that your PDF presentation is running smoothly with the help of well-managed animation.

Key Benefits of Posting PDF

In SEO, it’s said that you should create content that serves several purposes or that you should write once and publish it in multiple formats, such as video and blog posts, DOCs, PDFs, and podcasts. You can also share your blog as a PDF edition for your readers.

The following are some of the main advantages of uploading articles to the list of free file-sharing sites:

  • Backlinks with high authority can be generated by using this.
  • Google’s indexing process is more efficient now.
  • Increased visibility for your brand name.
  • An Elevation in Your Company’s Recognition.
  • Content can be formatted in a variety of ways, including graphics.
  • Duplicate content can be avoided by uploading to different free file-sharing sites simultaneously.

Top PDF Submission Sites


Explore vibrant content on Issuu, a platform for all kinds of creative works. Creators from all over the world share digital magazine publications that will amaze you.


Turn the presentations you love with SlideShare into useful tools of knowledge. Read and contribute to the large Slideshare learning community.


Get access to an unlimited number of books, audiobooks, and documents with Scribd. A huge source of knowledge that is available for free.


Enjoy publication and sharing on Calaméo without any interruption. Your documents become more dynamic with rich media like video, audio, and pictures.

Zoho Docs

Manage and collaborate on your documents with Zoho Docs. It is very easy to find important files and increase team productivity on the cloud.


Become part of a large publishing network and benefit from multiple distribution channels. End-users enjoy unlimited access to diverse independent ebooks.


Unleash the writer in you and the reader in others with Wattpad stories, where writers unleash their imaginations and inspire readers. Connect and share with others.


Automate your document management with Edocr. Share, embed, and discover all kinds of documents on one platform. Easily share and collaborate.


Download and upload PDFs related to history on PDF archive. Discover thousands of documents to advance your knowledge. Preserve history with a click.


Upload all kinds of documents and share them with your friends with Docdroid. Embed them in any webpage you like and view the number of reads.

65+ PDF Submission Sites List

PDF Submission SitesDomain Authority
This table shows the PDF Submission Websites

How to Effortlessly Submit a PDF

Produce high-quality content

The quality of the content is essential. Insightful and engaging content is a must when writing for the web. Be helpful to your readers. Readers love to spread the word about good writing. For free, you can get a lot of visitors by creating an intriguing PDF.

Create a PDF version of your text file

Before submitting, ensure that all text files have been converted to legible PDFs. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in Adobe Acrobat can turn scanned documents into PDFs.

Create an Eye-Catching PDF Title

The title of your PDF should grab the reader’s attention. The title is an excellent way to establish a good first impression on the reader. Your PDF’s title must be intriguing. CTR and engagement will rise as a result of this. If your material is interesting, you may also gain free visitors to your website.

For Images, Include Alt Text

Your PDF will look better if you include images. Include a few photos in your PDF document. When having pictures and graphics in your submission file, don’t forget to include the alt text “Alternate Text”. This aids image recognition by search engines. You’ll be able to increase your search engine rankings if you have Alt Text.

Your content should include LSI keywords

Avoid cramming your PDF with keywords you don’t need. An LSI keyword is a long-tail keyword closely related to your primary keyword. LSI keywords help search engines better interpret your PDF by providing context to your material.

For example, use “Rich Tags”

Some websites allow you to add tags to categorize a PDF and make it easier for people to discover it. Use keyword-rich tags to help search engines find your material more quickly. As a result of increased exposure for your PDF files, your website will see an increase in targeted visitors.

Please refrain from keyword stuffing in your spam

Many people submit low-quality PDFs to PDF submission platforms to gain backlinks. They fill their PDFs with keywords and hyperlinks to achieve some of the site’s link juice.

This will harm your website’s search engine rankings. The search engine quickly detects Keyword-stuffed content and the URLs that include it are blacklisted. For backlinks, do not post spam PDF content on these websites.

Add the URLs to Your Websites to this section

Your homepage and any other pages you wish to rank well in search engines should be included in the PDF you create for your website. Contextual backlinks are built from your PDF by using relevant keywords.

Assist the general public in accessing your PDF

Almost all of the most popular websites for submitting PDF files see a lot of activity. As soon as you’ve uploaded your PDF, make it public so that anybody may view it. A search engine will find your PDF, allowing you to promote your information. These sites will also provide you with free traffic referrals.

The Best Places to Submit PDF Documents

There are a lot of free PDF submission services where you can post your document. To generate backlinks, many people abuse these sites by posting low-quality content to saturate them with spam. As a result, the website’s trust rating and page rank suffer.

Search engine optimization does not help a low search engine ranking website. Only use high domain authority file sharing platforms when distributing your document electronically. You can increase your website’s search engine rating by submitting your PDF to high-quality file sharing platforms.

Final Thoughts

Your website’s visibility in Google searches improves by using a PDF submission platform. Many high-quality PDF submission platforms are available to assist you in getting more visitors.

As a result of reading this, you should have a better understanding of PDF submission platforms.

If you know of a new classified site that isn’t on this list, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are PDF submission sites?

Users can simply submit their optimised PDF files to PDF submission sites. For those who want to boost their website’s authority and traffic, PDF submission platforms are like kick starters to gain traffic quickly.

What is PDF sharing in SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes posting content to the most popular document-sharing websites. Your website or blog can gain visitors and backlinks as a result. There are a plenty of of document sharing websites to be found online, but finding high-quality PDF sites through search engine optimization is time consuming.

What is document sharing in SEO?

Websites use document sharing as an off-Page SEO tactic to drive traffic or backlinks to their site. In this case, the document is submitted to a website that allows users to submit documents. For the most part, the files are in a format like “pdf,” “doc,” etc.