Dental SEO Marketing : How to Reach More Patients Online

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of applying strategies to optimize the number of potential users to your website by achieving a high search result ranking.

It is calculated that around 80% of the clicks go to Google’s organic search results.

Search Engine Optimization is termed as an essential marketing technique for a dental profession also.

An online presence optimized by dentist SEO marketing is highly effective in bringing potential patients to your dental practice.

A simple “dentist” search on a Google generates more than 480 million results.

Therefore, you should optimize your website for dental SEO marketing using the terms and words that are most commonly used by searchers. This will definitely bring new patients to your gate.

The present article is focused on providing a detailed overview of how dentist SEO marketing helpful to enhance number of patients at your dental practice.  

You must be thinking how SEO can help grow your dental practice.

Dental SEO Marketing

Here are 8 amazing ways by which your dental practice can gain online presence and reach out to potential patients with the help of Search Engine Optimization.

  • Optimize your pictures for SEO

According to the research, a successful website is a combination of relevant images and content.

Therefore, utilizing correct SEO image optimization fields is also effective for your dental SEO marketing. Fill out all the appropriate title tags for your pictures on the backend of your website.

Generally, these fields will contain description, alt-text, caption and title.

You must include pictures that contain descriptive names along with the keywords on your website. You can make use of keyword-rich alt tags that will display when your picture is not able to load.

You can also use infographics to display information relevant to your profession. 

  • Optimize your website to reduce lag time

How often did you exit a website when it took so long to load a page? Do not let this happen with your website.

Websites having a slow lag time get penalize by Google. Google lower those sites on search results which ultimately increases the chances for your potential patients to reach your competitors.

Page Load Time for Clients

Google Analytics helps you to navigate to Behavior > Website Speed > Overview. This will provide a snapshot of the average page load speed of your website.

It will also provide a facility to scroll down the page to point out the areas for development.

You must consider compressing files (without losing the content quality) in order to optimize your website for dental SEO marketing services and guarantee a fast loading time.

You can also go for a website host having reliable and fast servers.

  • Conduct keyword research at the outset

Identification of a keyword which you want to rank is the most essential aspect you should undertake while evaluating a dental SEO marketing approach.

According to the study, 75-80% of the people only review the first page of Google results.

Therefore, you need to adopt some effective strategies in order to make your dental practice appear in the first page of Google search results.

The first step towards success is to choose your keywords wisely and incorporate them throughout your website.

Dental practices are hyper-local as compare with other businesses which allow an easy keyword research.

For example, “dental practice” keyword will have a considerable amount of competition.

Moreover, you can add a particular region to locate a dental practice such as “Miami dental practice”. Although, there will be far less search results for “Miami dental practice”.

In that case, Google’s first few searches are focused exclusively on the Miami region and display dentists who rank for the keyword “Miami dental practice”.

Therefore, if you are a dentist and belong to Miami then this keyword can do wonders for you to reach your target audience.

You can also use keywords indicating that a patient is interested in taking a particular action, such as “veneers dentist” or “root canal dentist”.

Adding location to your keyword can make it even stronger for your dental SEO marketing services.

  • Set up structured data

Structured data is also termed as Schema. It helps in presenting the content and related information of your website to the search engines like Google.

The structured data is not something that is visible to your potential patients. It generally helps Google to categorize your clinic properly and boost up the ranking of your website at search engine.

Structured data is generally written in HTML markup. It is coded by marketing agency or web developer.

However, you can ease the process of incorporating schema to your dental website with the help of several plugins.

  • Develop a robust content strategy

The popular phrase “content is king” also goes well with the SEO marketing for dentist.

Posting fresh and relevant content regularly will encourage Google to re-index your post frequently. Eventually, it will lead to boost your ranking on Search Engine Result Pages or SERP.

Make sure that your content strategies for dental SEO marketing services must include videos and blog posts relevant to your field of profession.

  • Design your site for mobile responsiveness

There are several patients who will search for you through their laptop where as others will use their smart phones to search for you.

Since every device have different screen dimensions, make sure that your website will be able to adjust with the screen sizes.

You website must be designed basis the mobile usability. Your website must include the elements such as variable fonts on the page that can be simply adjusted by the user according to the screen size.

  • Manage your local SEO with Google My Business

Creating your account on a Google My Business is considered as one of the greatest ways to boost the visibility of your local SEO and it is free of cost.

Google My Business allows your dental practice to display all the business related details such as business category, description, name, professional photos, contact number and address to be indexed by search engine.

You can even provide link and your hours to your website for dental SEO marketing. Google My Business account also provides you a facility to connect to Google Maps.

This is really beneficial for the patients as they can immediately seek the directions to your clinic. For the patients who are using mobile phones for directions, click-to-call option is available.

You can also appeal to your existing patients to post a feedback and ratings to your website. We all know that feedback works as guidance for the target audience.

  • Have a strong social media presence

It is so true that being active on various social media platforms can be effective to get the attention of your potential patients. It helps in building the credibility of your website for SEO marketing for dentist.

Although, the search engine ranking of your website may not be significantly influenced by the Google algorithm, Google search results can display your social media pages. This will create awareness of your clinic.

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are some of the great social media platforms to explore your dental SEO marketing and reach the potential patients.

If utilize correctly then social media platforms are perfect place for sharing your business announcements like introducing a new staff member, dental hygiene tips and industry news.

Make sure to update all the essential information (such as Name, logo, address, brief description, timings, contact details, etc.) of your dental practice at your profile.

Avoid including fake information and upload a relevant profile picture so that your profile gets noticed by the target patients.  

Another greatest ways to optimize your business is using paid social ads technique. This technique can also helpful in building your clientele, generate more leads and raise awareness of your practice.

Paid social media also provide good opportunities for dental practices to display ads to your target audience.

You can also consider YouTube for providing video content to the potential patients. YouTube SEO can also be utilized.

Now days, people prefer videos with quality content rather than reading articles.

Now it is your chance to utilize dental SEO marketing services for your practice and take action and follow everything you have studied in this article.

By putting little dentist SEO marketing efforts you can beat your competitors and rank high on search engines. Go for it!

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