Best Guide on How to link AdSense for YouTube

YouTube has become one of the fastest growing online communities. This has prompted many new talented and creative individuals to create and publish interactive and engaging videos. There are a lot of folks out there who have the flair to make impressive videos which attract a large number of followers.

As a content creator, monetizing your channel to be able to earn money from YouTube is one of the main reasons of making videos. However, there are a lot of people who started their channel and are producing quality content, but still have no idea how to monetize their videos and start earning money.

In this article I will explain all you need to know about using Google AdSense for YouTube, and how you can monetize YouTube videos using AdSense.

This is article is not about how to make better videos and how you can earn more subscribers. For that you must ensure that you’re meeting all the policies set by and guidelines set by YouTube.

In order to earn money through Ads for YouTube channel, you need to link your active Google AdSense account to your YouTube channel.

Google AdSense is an initiative by google, thorough which you can invite brands and businesses to advertise their products and services on your website or YouTube videos, through which you can earn money. You can create an AdSense account from here.

How to link AdSense for YouTube

Let us now have a look at this step by step on how you can monetize YouTube videos using AdSense.

Note that in order to be able to monetize your YouTube channel using AdSense, you need to be accepted to the YouTube partner program and follow the guidelines set by the YouTube and google AdSense.

Once your account is reviewed and accepted to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), you are now ready to make money through Ads for YouTube channel. You can check the eligibility of your YouTube channel for the YPP from here.

Step 1: Enable Monetization

This is the first thing you need to do, once you get accepted to the YouTube Partner Program.

  • Open your account profile and go to Creator Studio.
  • There you can find the ‘enable monetization’ button.
  • Once you enable it, you are now ready to monetize YouTube videos using AdSense.

Step 2: Link AdSense for YouTube

This is the most important step after you enable monetization on your videos, as you only get paid through Goggle AdSense. You will not get paid for ads for YouTube channel if you don’t link your AdSense account.

You will find the link AdSense button on the same screen as the enable monetization button. Once you press start. You will be redirected to AdSense page.

Step 3: Input Account Info

If you have already have an AdSense account, use that to link your YouTube channel to the account. Or you can create a new account if you don’t already have one. Review the terms and conditions and click on ‘Create Account’

AdSense and YouTube are both owned by Google therefore they provide complete support to anyone who seeks to create link their AdSense for YouTube. Note that you can only have one AdSense account in your name through which you receive payment. You can however link multiple YouTube channels to the same AdSense account.

Step 4: Finish you linking AdSense

Once you set up creating your AdSense account, it’s time to finish up the linking your AdSense for YouTube monetization. In order to do that, you need to set your monetization preferences.

You can choose to turn on the option to monetize all future and past videos, or to select each video you want to generate revenue from. You can select the format of Ads for YouTube channel.

YouTube offers 4 categorical spaces where you can display ads and generate revenue with AdSense for YouTube:

  • Skippable Ads

These are the Ads which appear before the actual video starts playing. User has to wait for 5 seconds before they can skip them.

  • Sponsored Ads

These are the ads which appear in small square frames at the end of the video. These ads are generated from AdSense for YouTube.

  • Overlay Ads

These are the ads which are displayed only on desktops during the video is played in small banners. User can choose to close these ads without any wait time.

  • Display Ads

These ads are made compulsory by YouTube, and are displayed only on desktop next to the video, during the video.

Select your preferred mode of displaying ads on your channel through AdSense for YouTube, and Save.

Eligibility to YouTube Partner Program

There is no question that YouTube has become the world’s largest platform for sharing and viewing video content. This is why YouTube has been very stringent in scrutinizing the content its content creators publish very carefully.

YouTube has established the YouTube Partner Program which offers creators access to exclusive resources, additional opportunities and more control over the methods to generate revenue through their videos.

Being the world’s largest platform for online video sharing, YouTube gets over 2 Billion active viewers each day and that’s just the one’s watch videos through their logged in account.  This has prompted brands and their digital marketing teams to have a piece of this action.

Companies and marketing agencies spends huge sums of money to come up with a video marketing campaign specifically organized around YouTube. This is why, companies are in constant search of finding YouTube channels and content creators who publish videos which may be favored by their potential customers of the company.

YouTube, through its YouTube Partner Program, offers content creators an opportunity to get in touch with such brands and help them reach a larger potential customer base. This allows you to earn money through displaying specialized Ads for your YouTube channel which play before, or during the video, and even after the video ends.

But before you can earn money and monetize YouTube video using AdSense, you first have to agree to abide to all guidelines set forth by YouTube and you must reside in a region where the YouTube partner program is accessible.

In addition your YouTube channel must receive a total of 4000 hours of watch time by viewers in the past 12 month, and at least a 1000 subscribers. This is to ensure that you have the required engagement among the viewers in order for brands to make an investment by displaying Ads on your videos.

As soon as you achieve this feat, YouTube reviews the contents of your channel to make sure it complies to all guidelines presented by it. Once you are approved, they send you an email within a week of reviewing your account and… You are in!

You will be accepted in to the YouTube partner program, which grants you access to exclusive resources such as YouTube Analytics, you can expand your audience reach and attract a larger number of new subscribers and most of all you are now ready to earn money from Ads on your videos!