What is the work of an SEO Analyst & SEO Web Analyst

Ever since the inception of the age of internet, people have been taking advantage of all accessibilities and ease it brings with it. It has given rise to many new technical and non-technical job opportunities and fields of research and has become an industry of its own. An SEO web analyst is one such job profile which has come to light in the recent times since the internet became a market place for small and medium enterprises to get in touch with their potential clients and consumers.

In this article we will cover the most crucial job responsibilities of a SEO web analyst and how you can learn certain skills which can help you flourish your career and business to new heights.

A SEO analyst is a person who presents your website to the search engines in the best way possible in order to ensure the best efficiency and results. However, this process involves a lot of responsibilities and variables which have to be monitored and altered consistently with respect to the performance of the website.

The most important job responsibilities of SEO web analyst are:

  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Content Planning
  • Business Administration
  • Data Analysis
  • Web Design

Website Tracking and Reporting

Website tracking and reporting the observations is one of the most crucial aspects of the job, even according to the SEO analyst definition, tracking the performance of the website and how the various pages and interactions are engaging audiences. SEO web analyst uses multiple analytical tools such as Google analytics, SEMrush, ahrefs, DeepCrawl, Yoast and many more.

Reporting the findings of this data enables them to alter their approach and come up with new techniques to attract more audience and engage a greater number of people. It also lets them see the fruits of their labour and observe the changes in the website’s performance because their SEO efforts.

Content Planning

The nature of content which is published on a website plays one of the most important roles in its rankings. The google search crawlers go through the numerous pages all over the internet in order to pick out the best ones for that particular key word. This is important for a website to include the best content which is directly related to the key words and provides the viewers what they are looking for in the most efficient manner.

An SEO web analyst is responsible for identifying what the google search engine crawlers or bots look for and come up with strategies and methods to incorporate it into the website and webpages in the best way possible. The SEO web analyst job description involves studying and fully comprehending the business and the nature of the website they are working for and take the necessary content planning initiative to improve the way the audience interacts with it.

The phase of content planning involves many steps, from making changes to existing pages, creating new improved pages, keyword research, and implementation of the whole content marketing strategies. Any business no matter what has to keep up with the new and upcoming trends to be ahead of its completion. An SEO web analyst keeps track of all the happening in the industry with its online aspect, and advises the owner on implementing it.

The most important thing is consumer experience and interaction. Only by providing the consumers the best value can a company stay on top. Key word research , publishing new articles, blogs product marketing , service pages, infographics, video content all of them serve the same purpose of enhancing user experience.

An SEO analyst collaborates, with the web developer, content writer and graphics designer, to come up with the best content which can then be use by the SEO expert for expanding its reach and attracting more consumers. A lot goes into the implementation of any content strategy which is why an SEO web expert is the need of the hour for any country. 

Business Administration

An SEO web analyst does a lot more than just publishing content on the internet. Their main goal is to increase the overall profits and the revenue of the business. This involves increasing the incoming organic traffic to your website through whatever means necessary. 

An SEO analyst may also advise the business owner or administrator about the possible avenues to explore and new initiative they should take according to the changing markets and consumer expectations. This opens up their job description to so much more than just search engine optimisation. Serving as a key stone in expansion and growth of any business is the true SEO analyst definition.

Data Analysis

Data analysis in another aspect of website tracking and reporting as it involves carefully analysing those reports and result and identifying various trends and outcomes which can help the growth of the business. Data analysis involves, highlighting and observing the actions of people who are visiting your website, carefully reading the details of the incoming traffic to see what kind of changes in the website or other SEO efforts have caused this shift in the incoming traffic.

Data analysis enables you to understand your audience and consumers a lot better and helps you in adapting yourself better so as to be equipped to serve your consumers and flourish your own business.

Web Design

Keeping the website updated with the current happenings in the industry and making it easy for consumers to navigate through is also a very big part of any SEO web analyst. Making sure that the google bots can read through your website is very important as it affects the ranking of your page. They require basic programming language and web development knowledge in order to be able to advice the web developers to make the necessary changes.

Site mapping and reorganizing your website promotes efficient indexing of the website. SEO web analyst also moderate the activities which are going on the website, such as the maintaining forums and answering queries and comments.

SEO Web Analyst Job Description

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To put it simply, the job role and the SEO analyst definition is quite uncertain and ambiguous as it doesn’t fall under any specific category. In fact a SEO web analyst is required to do constant research and analysis in coming up with new ways to maintain a healthy website which offers consumers what they are looking for and increase the business revenues.

Job Roles and Responsibilities:

The most common and important roles which employers look for while hiring any SEO web analyst are:

  • Keyword Research and SEO Analysis
  • Content Development and Planning
  • Site mapping through the appropriate programming language
  • Support and actively participate in link building
  • Manage contents and response on the social media presence of the company.
  • Staying updated with the changes in search engine techniques and industry marketing approaches.
  • Having adept knowledge and familiarity with various SEO tools and content managements software.
  • Carefully monitor performance and web analytics reports.
  • Maintaining close communication with different teams to develop, implements and manage different projects, tasks and deadlines.

Important Skills for the Job

Any SEO analyst needs to have some specific skills and software proficiencies which make them a very important asset for the company. This specific software used may differ from industry to industry, however, the fundamental skills remains universal.

Here the skills which are needed by any SEO web analyst:

  • MS Office- MS Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word.
  • Proficiency in English and understanding of grammar
  • Website Analysis tools such as : Google Analytics, WordTracker, Webmaster, SEMrush etc.
  • Knowledge of Website Administration: HTML, XML, PHP, CSS etc.
  • Familiar with Content management environments and tools.

Digital Marketing has become quite a rewarding career since 2019. This caused every business to improve their online infrastructure and perform most of their business activities through remote locations over the internet.

So if you are looking for a career in SEO or trying to improve your business through the implementation of effective SEO strategies, now is the time!