Majestic SEO Tool : Ultimate Guide for Beginners

The field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has grown immensely and bringing more tasks and challenges day by day for every SEO professional.

Fortunately, several developers and companies in the SEO field have come up with applications and tools to support every SEO professional and analyst.

Majestic SEO is one of those effective tools which are serving as a helping hand for multiple users in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

Link-building and analyzing the performance of a website is the major aspect of the Majestic SEO tool. Majestic SEO is web-based tool and you need to download this application just like other tools.

You can also observe the functionalities cater by the tool using free Majestic SEO trial.

This tool should be used in order to quantify the score of backlinks for the provided URL or domain.

Introduction to Majestic SEO

Majestic is the SEO tool that specializes in backlinks. It is also known as Majestic SEO.

It is an effective SEO tool that offers accurate, reliable and frequently updated information in order to evaluate the efficiency of your website.

Majestic SEO Tool can be used to analyze the following points:  

  • Look for the opportunities for the websites to collaborate with or just avoid websites
  • Analyze your competitors and set a benchmark against your competitors
  • It can be used to track the progress of your content whether it is working or not
  • Provide a guidance to gain more traffic from search engines

The principal section of this Majestic SEO tool is known as Site Explorer. This guide will let you go through the most essential metrics.

The dashboard displays the three key metrics as shown below:

  • Topical Trust Flow: It indicates the significance of a website by company or industry. For an instance, the XYZ department store has a higher tropical trust flow in the health category than retail
  • Citation Flow: It indicates the score of the number of citations or backlinks
  • Trust Flow:  It is the quality and consistency of the backlinks essentially

Tropical Trust Flow is used to specify the main subject of the content and how accurate and authoritative a URL or domain can be in its niche.

It generally uses the large scale categorization of different websites by Majestic into groups.

The score of Majestic Tropical Trust Flow is calculated on a scale of 1-100 based on the log.

Citation Flow is defined as the estimated number of how prominent a URL can depend on how many sites are connected to it. The quality and consistency of the links are also taken into consideration.

Majestic Trust Flow is a number that determines how credible and trustworthy a page is depend on how trusted websites prefer to connect with credible and trusted neighbors.  

Key Features of Majestic SEO

Let us get more precise about what constitutes the Majestic SEO tool. The outstanding features of the Majestic SEO tool consist of the following points:

  • API
  • Several domain comparison and backlink tools
  • A large backlink index dating back to 2011
  • Metrics including Trust Flow (quality of backlinks) and Citation Flow (number of backlinks)
  • Perhaps the wide ranging crawler out of SEO tools (How do they get all those backlinks)
  • Many reporting options
  • Majestic Million: Ranking top 1 million list of sites
  • SEO browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome

Advantages of Majestic SEO Tool

  • Instant retrieval of related data and information
  • Strong and effective backlink index which goes back to 2011
  • Tropical Trust Flow drop down into the category of industry
  • Tools to manage requests in bulk
  • It must have an ability to search historic index or fresh index (last 90 days)
  • In order to analyze backlink data, several visualizations and metrics can be performed with Majestic
  • You can even review the resources offer in the tool by accessing through free Majestic SEO trial

Disadvantages of Majestic SEO Tool

  • Modern pricing plans restrict features and customers substantially reduce the value of plans
  • Majestic SEO tool is not integrated with Google Analytics
  • Multiple useful SEO features are not provided in this Majestic SEO tool therefore, it is not considered as an all in one tool
  • Majestic SEO tool usually synchronizes with the Search Console but unfortunately it does not leverage much information
  • User interface supported by Majestic is outdated and customer experience is just average

How does “Majestic SEO Tool” work?

Let’s begin….

It is easy to set up Majestic SEO tool.

First of all, register for a Majestic account which is paid or free (Free for the Majestic SEO trial). Basically, free accounts are useful to preview the functionalities and basic features of a tool.

You can easily start using Majestic SEO took straight away after logging in to the tool.

The set up for a tool is not that much complicated and confusing as Majestic is not an all in one SEO tool. Unlike other SEO tools, there are no competitors to input or keywords to track.

You do not need to install anything locally as Majestic SEO tool is considered as a web based application.

Eventually you want to get your domain verified.

In order to get your domain verified, you can easily link your Google Search Console account.

The advantages such as higher report allowances can be obtained once your domain gets verified. This ultimately provides a right to Majestic SEO tool to include your data in the index.

Basically, there are two distinct ways by which you can verify your domain. First one, by adding a Meta tag and the second one is small txt file to your site.  

Moving on to the Browser toolbar, your need to connect or install either the Firefox or Chrome extensions.

These extensions are helpful in providing information about the SEO backlink straight within the browser.

Generally, they are almost equivalent to other available toolbars such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and MozBar but comparatively they are more centered towards backlinks.

Majestic Search Explorer

Search Explorer is the personal search engine owned by Majestic SEO.

You can also access Search Explorer via Majestic SEO trial

It is adequate to say that it will not be replacing Google. The consistency and quality of the search results are absolutely incomparable to Google.

It indicates that Google is comparatively much more effective than Search Explorer.

The transparency of ranking factors is the major aspect which differentiates Google from Search Explorer.

The algorithm behind the Search Explorer is fairly simple.

It is primarily based on the backlinks and the number of times a keyword appears on the webpage such as in URL and title.

URL Submitter

You can add up to 100 links in the section of URL submitter for the Majestic SEO bots to crawl around. In order to add around 100 links, your need to go for a Gold plan.

You always want the latest update no matter it is regarding a website or a competitor you are associated with.

It provides a way to get you the best SEO crawlers to work for you. You can use credits in case you need more than 100.

URL submitter help you to get your URLs appear in index by submitting the URLs so that they can be crawled.

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Keyword Checker

Before getting started, let us makes it clear that Keyword Checker is not any alternative to other traditional tools such as Moz’s Keyword Explorer.

It does not support the regular keyword organizing statistics such as keyword conflicts or monthly keyword searches.

Keyword checker is totally different.  

The main role of Keyword checker is to evaluate the number of times a phrase or a keyword appears in the index of Majestic SEO tool.

Usually, it locates for the keywords in anchor text, titles and URLs.

Let’s make it clear with the help of an example. If you search for a keyword “Melatonin”, the keyword checker will notify you that the particular keyword is appearing in 2,095,980  URLs.

Moreover, it also has a Search Volume metric which does not signify the conventional number of monthly searches.

We suggest you to not get confused with other tools named as Keyword Volume. Search Volume section in Majestic SEO tool signifies a score from 1 to 100.

This generated score is used to indicate the search traffic for the keyword (Key phrases) derived from search engines.

We strongly recommend you to use other traditional tools to search keywords along with Majestic Keyword checker.

Majestic SEO is a specialized and versatile tool that provides you an advantage when talk about link building and backlinks approaches.

Registering to access the resources cater by Majestic is not only beneficial for SEO professionals but also for the enthusiasts. Is provides you an opportunity to access a free account Majestic SEO trial.

We hope that you liked our Review on Majestic SEO tool.