11 Best Paraphrasing Tools in 2024: Free and Paid

There’s no denying that writers, irrespective of their genre or experience level, often feel intimidated by a blank page. Whether they struggle with writer’s block or attempt to perfect phrasing for maximum impact, creating impeccable writing can appear like an endless endeavor. Fortunately, we now have exceptionally functional resources within our reach. It can be challenging to identify the optimal choice in today’s digital landscape, which offers a plethora of alternatives. There’s no need for concern since we’re about to explore and reveal the top 11 best paraphrasing tools of 2024!

Below are the best paraphrasing tools and free online tricks to rephrase your sentence like a pro:

QuillBot AI: Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot is a reliable wordsmith that provides both free and paid plans to meet your requirements. Its expertise lies in precise rewording, enabling you to choose the extent of alteration through its practical “synonym slider.”

QuillBot offers several modes, ranging from maintaining sentence structure to adding humor, and goes the extra mile by allowing quick paraphrasing of full articles with ease.

Pros of QuillBot AI: Paraphrasing Tool

  • It has a free version with essential features (no signup required).
  • It offers several paraphrasing methods of different complexity to shorten text passages.
  • A free language translator is available.
  • It is very affordable to update if you are interested.
  • QuillBot Flow: Your co-writer AI assistant (free; no credit card required).
  • Extensions for Chrome, Microsoft Word, Edge, and MacOS are available.
  • A free content-summarizing app is available.
  • A refund policy is available.

Cons of QuillBot AI: Paraphrasing Tool

  • The free version has limited features and may produce rewordings that are not consistently accurate or smooth.
  • Offer only two writing modes for free.
  • Manual intervention is often needed.

Pricing of QuillBot

QuillBot AI for Chrome: Paraphrase Text Anywhere

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TextCortex AI: Paraphrasing Tool

TextCortex is more than a simple tool for paraphrasing, as it boasts extensive capabilities in generating content. If new blog post ideas are required, it can offer suggestions effortlessly. Additionally, if an introduction seems tough to craft, it can swiftly produce one within seconds.

Its impressive feature lies in its aptitude for rewording passages while maintaining their original meaning by providing multiple alternative options that keep the sense intact but vary wording significantly.

Pros of TextCortex: Paraphrasing Tool

  • It offers a range of paraphrasing options, such as replacing words and modifying sentences and tone.
  • It can generate various types of content, including poetry, code language, movie scripts, music compositions, emails, and letters, among others.
  • TextCortex is a lot cheaper than Jasper, Simplified, Copy AI, and Rytr.
  • There is a 14-day trial version available.

Cons of TextCortex: Paraphrasing Tool

  • Its reliability is inconsistent at times.

Pricing of TextCortex AI: Paraphrasing Tool

Free Paraphrasing Tool To Rewrite Your Text

AI-powered paraphrasing tool to help professionals and students rewrite and change the tone without changing the meaning. Sign up to upload & rewrite documents.

Paraphraser.io: AI-Powered Paraphraser

Paraphraser.io is a platform that centers on the fundamental skill of paraphrasing, and it excels at doing so without charge. Using it is extremely easy for people who aren’t technologically proficient, thanks to its simple approach and easily accessible interface.

Although its features may be less intricate than those of other similar sites, its forte lies in effectively rephrasing texts from their basic context. Whether you require a swift alteration of words or a restructuring of sentences, Paraphraser.io can deliver an exceptional performance.

Paraphraser.io is a free online tool for rephrasing that uses AI algorithms to help you come up with unique words quickly and correctly. People think of paraphrasing.io as a free AI-based rewording tool that keeps the quality of the content high and makes it unique by changing words with similar ones.

Pros of Paraphraser.io

  • It is easy to use.
  • A free version is available with two basic modes: regular and formal (with a 500-word limit).
  • Plans come in three premium plans: weekly, monthly, & yearly premium plans.

Cons of Paraphraser.io

  • The free version has limited features.

Pricing of Paraphraser.io: AI-Powered Paraphraser

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphraser is the best AI paraphrasing tool that helps you accurately paraphrase sentences, paragraphs, and essays using state-of-the-art technology.

Scalenut AI for Content Creation

Scalenut is more than a mere paraphrasing tool. It provides dependable and varied sentence suggestions. Scalenut goes above and beyond with its artificial intelligence-powered creation features. Whether you require SEO-optimized blog summaries or captivating social media captions, consider Scalenut your go-to resource for everything associated with producing quality content.

Pros of Scalenut

  • Provides numerous choices for rephrasing, such as using synonyms, restructuring sentences, and adjusting tone.
  • Create SEO Articles
  • SEO Editor (Better than Google Docs for SEO)
  • Audit and Optimize articles
  • Advanced keyword planner
  • 1-click WordPress Publish
  • NLP key term
  • Provides a complimentary trial period.

Cons of Scalenut

  • Regular use can come at a high cost.

Pricing of Scalenut

Scalenut: AI-Powered SEO and Content Marketing Platform

From identifying keyword clusters, creating content briefs, and optimizing content for higher search rankings, Scalenut helps you manage your entire content lifecycle.

Grammarly: AI Writing Assistance

Grammarly is widely recognized as the go-to for grammar; it also happens to excel at paraphrasing. Its “Clarity” suggestions quietly refine complex sentences and swap them with more dynamic alternatives. Even though it’s not specifically designed for this purpose, Grammarly integrates paraphrasing fluidly into its editing process, proving useful in everyday writing.

Pros of Grammarly

  • It provides diverse grammar and style checks, along with paraphrasing services.
  • The basic features of the free version are available.

Cons of Grammarly

  • Other tools may offer greater capabilities compared to paraphrasing features.

Pricing of Grammarly

Spin Rewriter AI: Article Rewriter

For those seeking excellent paraphrasing capabilities, SpinRewriter is the top choice. It features various rewriting modes, such as “Simple Spinner,” which offers simple modifications. Moreover, you have control over how much rephrasing takes place between subtle adjustments or dynamic transformations. Spinrewriter delivers fast-paced revisions of your text precisely.

Pros of Spin Rewriter AI

  • This paraphrasing tool boasts a range of impressive features and is capable of revamping entire articles and documents.
  • ENL Rewriting Algorithm.
  • It works on all devices
  • Bulk article rewriting
  • Stock photo integration
  • Mass export

Cons of Spin Rewriter AI

  • Sometimes, rewriting texts is way off from the original texts.

Pricing of Spin Rewriter AI

Spin Rewriter AI – Article Rewriter Loved by 181,394 Users

Spin Rewriter AI is the world’s most popular article rewriter. Our text paraphrasing AI will rewrite your articles into top-quality, unique articles.

WordAI: AI Text Rewriter

WordAI takes things to the next level with advanced AI algorithms. Not only does it paraphrase flawlessly, but it also optimizes content for SEO, readability, and target audience. Imagine rewriting text while simultaneously boosting its search engine ranking and tailoring it to your specific readers. WordAI’s premium offerings unlock a world of content generation features, making it a dream tool for marketers and business writers.

Pros of WordAI

  • Provides a range of paraphrasing alternatives, encompassing synonym usage, sentence restructuring, and tone modification.
  • Generates diverse text formats such as musical pieces, scripts, code snippets, or emails that are creative in nature.
  • One-click rewriting

Cons of WordAI

  • It may not consistently sound authentic or conversational.

Pricing of WordAI

WordAI: AI Text Rewriter

WordAI is extremely fast and intuitive. Just enter your content, click rewrite, and in a matter of seconds, you will see the results.

HIXAI: Your Most Powerful, All-In-One AI Writing Copilot

HixAI stands out for its exceptional emphasis on creativity and tone management. HixAI enriches your writing with a burst of ingenuity through features such as “Summarize Creatively” and “Rephrase with Humor.”

Moreover, you can select the emotional note that resonates best with you, whether it is humorous or persuasive. Despite being in its developmental stage, HixAI displays remarkable potential to empower writers desiring to infuse their content with characterful flair.

Pros of HixAI

  • Provides numerous paraphrasing alternatives, such as altering sentences, substituting synonyms, and modifying tone.
  • Can produce various innovative textual styles, comprising poetry, code lines, scripts, musical compositions, emails, and letters, among others.
  • Strong semantic understanding for accurate paraphrasing.
  • Ensure that the paraphrased results are free from plagiarism.

Cons of HixAI

  • Accuracy and naturalness are not always guaranteed.

Pricing of HixAI

HIX.AI: Your Most Powerful, All-In-One AI Writing Copilot

Beyond simple paraphrasing, enjoy the improved content quality and guaranteed plagiarism-free results!

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a highly efficient tool for generating long-form content, and it demonstrates exceptional abilities for paraphrasing. It can comprehensively rephrase entire paragraphs while retaining the original tone and style of the writing, as well as provide alternative headlines and introductions. Additionally, its built-in plagiarism checker enhances security measures significantly, making it an ideal choice specifically for bloggers or content creators who are working on extensive projects.

Pros of Jasper AI

  • This is an effective tool that facilitates the creation of lengthy content while also possessing the ability to paraphrase.
  • It can reword entire paragraphs without sacrificing their original tone and style, in addition to featuring a built-in plagiarism checker for further convenience.

Cons of Jasper AI

  • May prove too complex for certain users.

Pricing of Jasper AI


With a strong emphasis on accuracy, this simplistic tool truly stands out. Wordtune conveniently provides you with various options to rephrase each sentence so that you can select the one that aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Additionally, its “Style” attribute empowers users to effortlessly transition between formal and informal writing tones while also unleashing their creativity in an impressive way, making it perfect for individuals who prioritize excellence over quantity when crafting written material.

Pros of Wordtune

  • The tool emphasizes accuracy by providing numerous alternatives for each sentence.
  • It offers a variety of features, offers multiple paraphrasing options for each sentence and it allows you to choose the best.

Cons of Wordtune

  • May struggle with managing lengthy written works.

Pricing of Wordtune

WordHero: AI Writer & Assistant

With an AI-powered vocabulary, WordHero offers more than just synonyms by providing context-specific suggestions. Its ability to find the most suitable words to replace clichés and overused phrases is impressive. Additionally, its “Improve Readability” attribute assists in simplifying complex sentences while enhancing clarity—a precious gem for those who aspire to hone their writing style.

Pros of WordHero

  • It offers precise restatement and innovative design.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It offers cost-effective packages to its users.
  • Supports 108 languages

Cons of WordHero

  • The free version is restricted; it might overlook subtleties, and excessive use can impede your writing.
  • It’s a trial and basic free version has limited features and credits.

Pricing of WordHero

WordHero: #1 AI Writing Software | AI Writer & Assistant

WordHero is the #1 AI writing software tool for business owners, marketers, and writers. Our AI-powered writer & assistant helps you write better and faster.

Conclusion for the best paraphrasing tools

Remember that starting the task of writing a thousand words simply requires pressing one key. So, begin using the best paraphrasing tools to tap into your natural skill as a competent writer and allow inspiration to flow freely! So, dive into the world of the best paraphrasing tools, rephrase your sentences, and unlock your true writing potential.

Happy Writing!