Why Baidu Search Engine is important for SEO?

Baidu is a search engine from China. There have been lots of discussions that takes place on this. Baidu importance for SEO, as everyone knows the Chinese economy is booming and they are doing well and you can get good traffic from here. 

There are many Baidu webmaster tool, you can make use of. With such a booming time for the Chinese economy, one cannot ignore Baidu. You must know Baidu importance for SEO, this should be a part of the activity and you cannot miss out on china at all. 

This is becoming increasingly important that you know Baidu importance for SEO. Once you understand how important this is and what you should be doing then you will start getting results from here.

This is due to initiatives of their government and it focuses and intern infrastructure and this is how Baidu Seach Engine came out.

Baidu Importance for SEO

The SEO for this search engine is not the same as Google or Bing; you need to know how to get the website ready for this search engine and the SEO is different based on their rules.

Since it covers the complete Chinese market you cannot miss it. Make sure that you focus hard on this, 

User Experience:

UX plays a vital role to increase the traffic on your website and you can make use of many Baidu webmaster tool. If your user went back to the Baidusearch engine results from your site then this indicates that your site didn’t give the user whatever they needed.


The ranking in SERP relates to the alt text of your images. The alt text of the images used in a website is a determining factor in the traffic of the site and make sure that you make use of Baidu webmaster tool.

Instead of the default image names, a descriptive name of the image has proved to be useful and effective in attracting users. 

Loading Speed:

 Baidu provides the necessary tools to know the loading speed of a page. Since the entire world of the internet works on tips of our fingers, the attention span of a user is highly limited and you can make use of the Baidu webmaster tool to help you get the job done more easily. 

A slow webpage can be very discouraging and repel users rather than attracting them. Using compressed images and lightweight themes can heavily increase the loading speed of your page.

Content is the king as you know always:

Ideal content is what appeals to a user and not a search engine. Baidu search engine recommends avoiding keyword stuffing. It is important to create unique and good-quality content. 

If the content is repetitive or unoriginal, it doesn’t engage the user to go further and the user might go back to the Baidu search engine results. 

Do you know how do we please this emperor for china, the first thing is content is very important. You can say the old line that content is the king. 

One has to focus on quality content and build the website this is something the same as Google and Bing. You need to have good content based on the guidelines. Baidu is very strict with what content will be allowed in the Forbidden Country.

Unique content:

Like other search genies even for Baidu, unique content is very important and you cannot have content that is plagiarized and if you do that then there could be a problem with your ranking. 

This is an important metric that is given priority and one should not ignore it for good ranking with the search engine, if you have duplicate content of your pages, then there could be some issues. 

If you have content that has got plagiarism then there could be some issues, to make sure that you only place unique content. 

Only once that is in place then things become much easier.

Make sure that you do your due diligence and check the quality of the content and that will help to remove duplicate content and based on that your ranking will improve, this is something very important which you need to keep in mind at all times.

Quality and quantity let us see what is more important:

The content has to be unique and make sure that the word count has to be more then 300 words, if you do not have that then it could be considered as spam and this is something that is not good for you. 

Once you have a longer copy of content that will always be liked by most of the search engines. This is an important practice that you need to keep in mind. Once you do that then things will become much easier.

Many people are aware of this while others do not seem to be paying attention and that will impact their website rank for sure.

Consistently new content:

Another very important metric you need to keep in mind is adding new content to your website and once you do that then things will be much simpler and you will not have a problem and make sure that you make use of Baidu webmaster tool. 

The simple meaning of this is getting new and fresh content. Once a website does that then things will be much easier.

Whether you are making use of a company blog or website content has to be rich and regularly updated which makes the process much easier.

Merely using the SEO strategies without a track of the progress is of no use. 

Baidu Seach Engine Console provides a graph and gives feedback about how is your website doing in the SERPs along with many other cool features with Baidu Seach Engine. 

Language and translation:

This is something very important and china is a very large country having almost 200+ languages used in various parts of the country.

So make sure that you find out the most important language spoken and provide different translated versions of the website to make the process simpler for the user. 

This will help you to get better ranks something very important and you need to keep in mind. Make sure you take the help of a professional translator and do not try some automatic options online or your website could be marked for spam.

There are many webmasters from china you are making use of Baidu webmaster tool, they are really good and offer some help to web marketers and webmasters, make sure you get them working for you and that will help you to get better ranks. 

Title tags:

These are very important and you need to have a limited between 35 characters to 75.

Make sure that you have keywords listed in it, once you do that that will help you rank better with this one. Sometimes you will need to write the title in local languages.

Meta keyword tags:

This is something very important for Baidu. Make sure that you do not ignore it. Google does not pay attention to it but this is not the case of Baidu.

Make sure that you have the right and it contains them with three to five keyword phrases for every page of your website.

Make sure you are working on the Baidu importance for SEO and prepare your website in the right way. Once you do that then things will be better.

It shows the keyword used by people that direct them to your webpage and enables you to work on those lines. You can track the performance of your page and see how your changes have affected the same in Baidu Seach Engine. 

Preparing your website for this search engine is not the same as you do with other important ones.  Make sure of all the guidelines and then do things accordingly and once you do that then it will surely come up with results that are positive and help you.