Dedicated Hosting: A High-Performing & Secure Hosting Option

When you are trying to find the best type of hosting for your website, you’ll come across different options. One form of powerful hosting you will find What is dedicated server. 

This type of hosting is not ideal for all website owners as the requirements change gradually. If you are just getting started online, you can start with the basic shared hosting package. But if you have a heavy-resource website that needs a higher level of performance, security and scalability, dedicated hosting is an apt choice for you. 

So, if you own a website that demands high resources or has started getting a lot of traffic, buy a dedicated server from MilesWeb.

When you opt for a dedicated server you will never have to compromise on the performance, as your website/app will always run at its peak. Cheap dedicated servers refer to dedicated hosting options that are available at a lower price point than other dedicated hosting options. This means, there would be better SEO rankings, and if SEO is better, more traffic and ultimately increased conversions and sales. 

So, in a nutshell, dedicated hosting and Woocommerce hosting from MilesWeb can help your business grow! In this guide, I’ll brief you more about dedicated hosting. It will surely help you to make the right decision. 

Let’s dive in! 

Dedicated Hosting: Defined 

Dedicated hosting is a high-performance web hosting service where you get an entire server for yourself. 

As we know with shared hosting, you share the server with hundreds or maybe thousands of websites on the server. Besides sharing the server, you also share the server resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc. with other users. 

Unlike, in dedicated hosting, you get a server that you don’t have to share with any other tenant on the server. Plus, the resources are dedicated entirely to your website/applications. 

It gives uninterrupted speed, performance and security to your high-end website/app. Additionally, you can run multiple applications and run multiple websites with blazing-fast website speed and top-notch security. 

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Types of Dedicated Servers 

There are basically two types of hosting services, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. 

  • Managed Dedicated Server: In this type of hosting service, the web hosting provider takes care of the server management and maintenance tasks. With this, you get to focus on your prime business goals. 
  • Unmanaged Dedicated Server: If you are a techie person, an unmanaged dedicated server is for you. You can customize the server in the way to want, take control of the ports, install software and do so much more. 

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting 

There are so many advantages of dedicated hosting. Here we’ve listed down a few: 

Get Top-Notch Security

The main reason to go with dedicated server hosting is security. As you don’t share the server or the server resources with other users, you get a higher level of security. 

In shared hosting, you don’t know who your neighbors are, and if there’s a security attack on one website, it will affect others. Thus, you may have to compromise on security sometimes if you go with shared hosting. 

Dedicated IP Address 

With dedicated hosting, you get a dedicated IP address that’s yours alone. A dedicated IP is very important for large businesses that need SSL certificates for payment transactions. 

Full Root Access 

 When you choose dedicated hosting, you get full root access to the server. This means you can customize it in the way you want. You can freely modify any files on the server, install and delete server-wide applications, and take control of all the ports. Furthermore, you can access and transfer your files on a dedicated server with the Secure Shell Transfer Protocol. 

Enhanced Performance and Security 

Dedicated servers do not only offer higher-level performance, but they also offer steady performance to your websites/apps. This means if your site’s performance will stay consistent even if you are getting a lot of traffic. 

In a dedicated hosting environment, server resources like CPU, RAM, and bandwidth all support solely your website. This ensures that your website gets the best uptime, meaning your site will never be offline. 

Where Can You Find Dedicated Hosting?

Many web hosts offer dedicated servers for their customers. You can find dedicated hosting at the following locations:

  • Hostinger – Hostinger provides dedicated hosting solutions that are affordable, customizable, and scalable. They offer managed hosting solutions for those who prefer to have their servers managed by Hostinger’s team of experts.
  • HostGator – HostGator provides a range of dedicated hosting plans, from the most basic to the most feature-rich.
  • Bluehost – Bluehost is a web host that provides dedicated servers with robust hardware and flexible settings.
  • GoDaddy – GoDaddy provides a wide range of dedicated hosting solutions, including those that are scalable, customized, and secure.
  • MilesWeb – MilesWeb is a trusted and well-established web host in the market. They have got you covered from low-cost shared hosting to high-powered dedicated hosting.

Factors like cost, customer service, uptime, and performance must all be taken into account before settling on a dedicated hosting provider.


Hope you now have an idea of what dedicated hosting is and how it’s a high-performing hosting option. Dedicated hosting is not for everyone, but sites getting a lot of traffic, or you have any particular service requirement. All you need is a reliable hosting provider from whom you get the best-dedicated server hosting for your large website/application. 


Is dedicated hosting more secure?

Yes, dedicated hosting is generally considered more secure than other types of hosting because you have full control over the server and don’t have to worry about other websites or applications sharing the same space. However, the level of security can vary depending on the provider and the security measures you implement.

Who uses dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is used by businesses or individuals who require high performance, reliability, and security for their websites or applications, including e-commerce sites, high-traffic blogs, online gaming platforms, and enterprise applications. It’s also commonly used by organizations with strict security and compliance needs, such as healthcare providers and financial institutions.

What is a characteristic of dedicated hosting?

A key characteristic of dedicated hosting is the exclusive use of a physical server, providing full control over its resources and customization options. This enables high performance, reliability, and security, as well as advanced features and support services.