Classic guide on how to write a graduate thesis

How to write a graduate thesis, the graduation research is a compulsory project that all students are required to do because it measures the student’s ability to link the knowledge and knowledge obtained during his studies at the university with each other in the form of a specific written project work, and for this, we will review with you a method Writing a graduate research.

A summary of graduate research

The graduation project, as we mentioned, is an activity that asks students in the last year of university education, Yas, to what extent they are able to relate what they have learned throughout the university years.

Objectives are determined for this project and be set in a specific period of time, and the student must submit the project before the deadline expires.

This project helps students to apply what was learned on the ground before graduation and go to the job market.

Selection of a graduate research topic

The first and most important point in writing a graduation thesis is choosing the appropriate topic, as the student must, in the first place, research a topic directly related to his academic specialization, as this is the final stage of graduation.

He should also not forget to visit the library in order to make sure of the abundance of references on the topic he chose for himself.

And he must be alert to the extent of his ability to add new things to the existing information and enrich it, in addition to the need to select the appropriate supervisor who will follow up the message and supervise it with his various advice and directives, and here the student must focus on getting the most out of his special supervisor.

Steps on how to writing a graduate thesis

There are several steps that the student must know before starting to write her graduation project, including:

Determine the research idea and choose the topic

Every student has the right to choose the research topic or project that he will do his work in proportion to his inclinations, and with the availability of practical applications related to the topic, and these projects are presented to him by the head of the department.

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When choosing the topic on which to work, several things must be taken into account; The period of time specified for completing the graduation research corresponds to the student’s competence and ability with the research topic, the availability of all information related to the research, and the availability of this information until the research is completed to the fullest.

Preparing a research plan

The research plan is a description of the research that the student is doing, and in this plan, all data are clarified and analyzed with the availability of the necessary time to complete these tasks completely.

The research plan includes several elements, namely:

Search title; It includes the title of the project and clarifies the terms, symbols, and signs used in the research.

Title page; They shall include the title of the project, the names of the students who participated in the work of this project, their year of graduation, and their university numbers.

Research introduction; The introduction is made in this introduction about the project that the students undertook, and an introductory summary of the research topic and its contents is written in this introduction.

The student begins to write the reasons for choosing this topic and the reasons for benefiting from this research.

Research topic problem; The problem that the student addresses is identified.

Research questions; This is the basis on which the student relies in the research, and it is a set of general questions that discuss the research topic.

research aims; It includes the important objective of the research or project that the student seeks to achieve in order to prove its achievement in the long term.

research importance; They explain the idea of ​​the importance of establishing this project in addition to writing a set of recommendations and results that result from this project.

Terms used in the search; It is about some of the terms that are presented in the research and an explanation of these terms are written in it so that the reader can understand it when hovering over it.

References; They are the sources from which the information contained in the project was taken, and care must be taken to write the names of these references accurately and correctly so that it is easy for the reader to refer to them.

Final Research Report

This report is considered as a reference to what the research contains in brief, and it expresses the effort that was made by the researcher in implementing the project.

This report contains many things such as the cover page, abstract, list of contents, table list, and other things mentioned in the research.

It may interest you

There are many types of scientific research that differ depending on your goal of research and its methodology, and here are the main types of scientific research that may be of interest to you to know:

Applied research:

It is the research that is used to solve problems quickly, and it is the kind that focuses on real phenomena and various scientific issues.

Quantitative research:

In quantitative research, the researcher deals with the calculation and measurement of aspects of social life by quantitative methods inspired by pre-defined main concepts such as hypothesis, importance, statistics, reliability of sources and results, deductive analysis, repetition, etc., and the results of quantitative research are quantitative, that is, they are the result of a systematic study verified by the researcher with some scientific methods.

Qualitative research:

As a researcher in qualitative research, you will deal with controversial descriptions and aim to discover meanings and changes on a specific topic. Qualitative research describes everyday facts in social life through inductive analyzes and interpretations. In qualitative research, the researcher presents a hypothesis that can be predicted, and the research is conducted to prove or deny it.

Hybrid search:

Mixed research combines the two previous types of quantitative and qualitative research, in order to improve research quality, improve strengths, reduce weaknesses in both types of previous research, and reach more credible and accurate research results.