Featured snippet tools 2022 | Why are featured snippets tools important? [Updated]

Ever wondered what those short previews are in google search results, which give you a peek into the contents of the article whenever you try to make a search for a query, let’s say “Who fought the first World War?”

Featured snippet

How to keep track of your featured snippets

That small window is called featured snippet. Google shows up the exact answer to your query through the featured snippet tools 2021, so you don’t even have to click on that link unless you want to explore more. In most cases the contents of the SEO featured snippet results are so accurate that you end up getting the information you needed through just the preview and then move on.

This is why a featured snippet is many times termed as Rank #0 in SERP’s!

Almost every single person who owns or runs a website is constantly worried about the ranking of their webpage in the google search engine result pages. You don’t have to be an SEO aficionado to know that higher the ranking on the SERP higher is the incoming organic traffic to your website, which ultimately relates to more money.

Every SEO analyst is always in an ever ending pursuit of getting each and every page of their website ranked amongst the top 3 search results in google! Which is quite hard as it is, but very rewarding as well.

However, in this pursuit most people fail to utilise the full potential of the feature snippet tools 2021 and securing that rank #0 in the google SERPs.

Read on and you will learn about the impressive capabilities and potential of SEO featured snippet and how you can optimise the contents on your website to be featured in it with the help of some featured snippet tools 2021!

What is a featured snippet?

As explained above, a featured snippet is a block in the google SERP’s, usually displayed on the top or after a couple of paid or sponsored search results. A featured snippet provides an accurate answer to the user on their query, and is thus called Rank #0 or position #0.

Featured snippets are many times called “answer boxes”, as they display the answer to the query. Not to be confused with the “Google quick answers” which simply display the result to a standard question, without any landing page or link? For instance when you search for “Dollar to Pound value”, google directly tells you the value of one USD to a Sterling Pound.


One other difference between a featured snippet and google quick answer is that a featured snippet mostly contains an image related to the search which may or may not be from a different source.

Featured snippet tools 2021 make it easy for users to search the internet, because they see the solution they are seeking simply in a glimpse. Google selects the best response from a specific website algorithmically, and displays it in a small window at the top.

A SEO featured snippet increases the potential leads you will be getting significantly. This is exactly why you should aim to get your webpage as a featured snippet is 2021!

There are essentially 4 types of featured snippets divided on the basis of content format:

  • Paragraph
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • YouTube Videos

  • Paragraph

This is a paragraph format featured snippet in which google displays the most relevant sentences (usually 2-3) on top. This is the most common type of snippet you will come across. It usually address the “how, when, why, who or what” questions, briefly.

Paragraph feature snippet

  • Lists

Featured snippets in 2021 can also be in the form of ordered lists for specific queries, such as ‘step by step guides’ or ‘how to’ searches. The most suitable example for featured snippets in the form of lists can be found in any search result for a recipe.

List feature snippet

  • Tables

You will also find features snippets in a tabular form containing, charts, graphs, values and other numerical and textual data related to the query.  One of the most relevant examples of tabular featured snippet can be the stock prices of a particular stock trading marketplace.

List feature snippet

  • YouTube Videos

YouTube videos which are a direct match of your searches also come up as featured snippets a lot of the time. They take the user directly to the video they may be looking for.

YouTube feature snippet

What is the importance of featured snippet tools 2021?

Features snippets were first introduced in google way back in 2014, and have been coming up since then with more and more accuracy. Even now , featured snippet tools 2021 have gained some popularity but not as much as SEO, people are still giving priority to running for rank 1 in google SERPs instead of rank 0.

And rightly so, because even if a SEO featured snippet comes first in the result pages and is basically above the first ranking page, stats have shown that the traffic coming in at a featured snippet is still lower than the first ranking page.

However, a featured snippet does offer many crucial advantages which give the bearer a competitive edge over the other results. Let’s have a look at them:

  • They are automatically optimise for voice searches

As the AI personal assistants get more and more efficient such as, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. People are utilising the convenient capabilities of voice searches. And since featured snippet tools 2021 usually show question type results, they are automatically displayed during a voice search given by a user, thus increase traffic.

  • It increases your Authority

There is some brand that you immediately think of when referring to a particular commodity or service. Getting ranked as a featured snippet establishes trust among the users towards your website and increases your authority. Thus, people consider your website to be more reliable than other and as a result, various other pages from your website, which may not be ranking as high or even appear as a featured snippet, attract more traffic and increase revenue.

  • Gets more Traffic

Granted that it doesn’t get as much traffic as the first ranking result, however, being right above it, featured snippet tools 2021 attracts the attention of the user because of being placed at the beginning. So as a result, many people who would have gone with the first search result, end up clicking on the SEO featured snippet and thus increase traffic. A featured snippets result would get more traffic even if it’s ranking much lower between 6-12.

How to optimise using featured snippet tools 2021?

There are few things you can do to tweak and track your website/page in order to increase its chances of getting a featured snippet of it. This list includes few featured snippet tools 2021, and other points you should keep in mind to optimise your website. Let’s check them out:

This is a very impressive and handy tool when it comes to featured snippet optimization. It goes through all the contents of your webpage and presents it in a most suitable manner. It also offers insights on other pages that have been featured or have a potential to be featured snippets. This way you can continuously improve your strategy and learn more on getting your webpage ranked as a featured snippet.

This tool is very organised and easy to follow as it presents the data in a tabular format on how different landing pages have managed to become featured snippets for a specific keyword. You can also check out a thumbnail of the pages to see it in detail and tweak your web page accordingly to increase your chances of getting featured.

This featured snippet tool 2021 from SEMrush shows you a snippet report which displays all the keywords you must pay attention to in order to get your web page to be featured snippet.

  • Aim for question type keyword search queries

As mentioned above, featured snippets have a higher chance of ranking for question based queries and this is why, while doing your keyword research you should look for questions in which ever keyword research tool you are using. 

You must also keep an eye on the “People also ask” section provided by google in their search results. It will provide you various other related questions which you can target.

  • Secure the top 10 rank

It has been noted that most of the featured snippet landing pages are among the top 10 search results in google. Therefore try to get a higher ranking and get your page on the first page of google if not the top 3 search results. Use the traditional SEO tactics to increase your ranking which simultaneously increases your chances of getting featured.

  • Formatting is Key

The format you have used in your webpages is very crucial. The content should be presented in a format which quickly answers the users main query and then proceeds to keep them engaged by providing supporting information and background on the topic.

Featured Snippet tools 2021 have picked up pace and a lot of business owners and websites are now aiming to claim that spot! This is why this it important to constantly modifying and improving your strategy to get featured on SERPs