6 Best GeneratePress Alternatives (Faster & Cheaper)

Known for its lightning-fast speed, lightweight code, and plentiful customization options, GeneratePress is a beloved WordPress theme. However, if you desire variety or find the paid plans somewhat constricting at times, then there are always the best GeneratePress alternatives available!

In this article, we will explore the six best GeneratePress alternatives. These options are not only more cost-effective and speedy but also provide distinctive attributes that can help you build your ideal website. Let’s take a closer look!

Rishi Theme


Imagine a theme that is simple to customize, even for novices. Rishi Theme fulfils this requirement flawlessly. Its complimentary version enables you to:

  • Create one-of-a-kind designs: With a simple drag-and-drop interface for headers and footers, customizable sidebars, and versatile layout features at your fingertips, you can create visually stunning websites that truly reflect your style.
  • Adopt Gutenberg with ease: seamlessly integrate the Rishi theme with the block editor to achieve unparalleled control over how your content is presented through powerful editing capabilities.
  • Prioritize mobile optimization: Prioritizing responsiveness while designing web pages ensures impeccable rendering across all devices. Feel confident knowing that no matter where someone accesses it from, they’ll have access to clear visuals without sacrificing speed or performance on any device.



Astra, a lightweight theme with ample customization choices, is a strong rival of GeneratePress. Although not as swift as the Rishi theme or Kadence, Astra’s user-friendly interface and a wide array of pre-existing templates make it effortless to get started. 

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Through the user-friendly customizer feature, you have complete control over every detail of your website design, including layouts, colors, fonts, and typography.

If you are looking for a jumpstart, Astra presents an impressive compilation of pre-designed templates suitable for different types of websites, such as blogs, portfolios, e-commerce stores, and corporate sites.



By prioritizing speed, Blocksy ensures a seamless user experience with its excellent Core Web Vitals scores and fast loading site performance. This can also help improve SEO.

With Blocksy’s WordPress customizer, you have access to diverse design options for creating your desired website layout.

  • Adjust colors, layouts, and fonts.
  • Personalize headers and footers.
  • Create original page layouts without requiring coding knowledge.



If you are committed to creating a website that can generate high conversions, take a look at Thrive Themes. Though it may not be the most affordable choice available, this comprehensive suite of themes provides an array of conversion-oriented plugins and tools, together with their speedy and adaptable framework. 

Thrive is ideal for marketers as well as business owners who want to optimize their site’s efficiency. Overall, Thrive Themes is a potent toolbox for creating websites that generate high conversions. Nonetheless, its price tag and intricate learning process may not be ideal for casual users or individuals seeking to create only basic sites.



ColorMag is tailor-made for blogs and magazines, boasting an impressive array of magazine-style layouts and features. Perfectly suited to content-rich sites with a focus on readability and engagement, this theme also delivers superb speed and SEO friendliness, making it the ultimate choice for online publishers or bloggers.

When it comes to WordPress themes for magazines, news, and blogs, ColorMag is always the top choice. It allows you to create sleek and contemporary websites that are perfect for online publications such as news portals or digital magazines. With over 8 free starter demos available on the ColorMag theme, including health, entertainment, food, and more, building a magazine-style site has never been easier! 

What’s even better is that this WP template features multiple ad spaces throughout its layout, enabling effortless monetization of your website through presenting ads in these various spots. If e-commerce integration issues have riddled previous platforms, don’t worry because WooCommerce compatibility with ColorMag ensures smooth sailings ahead when selling products & services from within your newly created pages.



Kadence is a rising WordPress theme that offers a plethora of features while maintaining impressive speed and Core Web Vitals scores. With header and footer builders, custom layouts, and design options available through the well-known WordPress Customizer interface, it’s versatile enough to suit various website types and users alike. 

Kadence is truly a great all-around choice for anyone seeking high-quality functionality in their themes. Although Kadence is user-friendly, its extensive range of features may appear overwhelming to beginners, but a wealth of resources and tutorials are accessible for your assistance in navigating the themes. 
The Pro version offers certain advanced features, such as header and footer builders, that may require additional investment.

Conclusion on Choosing the Best GeneratePress Alternatives

Choosing the best GeneratePress alternatives among numerous outstanding options can be overwhelming. It is important to identify your priorities.

  • Performance is the priority when it comes to speed, and Rishi Theme, Kadence, and Astra stand out in this domain.
  • Would you like a theme for free? There are excellent complimentary versions available for Rishi Theme, Blocksy, and ColorMag.
  • Looking for a user-friendly platform? Blocksy provides drag-and-drop capability through visual editing.
  • If you require something specific, Thrive is the ideal choice, as it specializes in conversions. For those interested in magazines, ColorMag caters to that niche specifically.

In the end, selecting the optimal substitute for GeneratePress depends on your individual requirements and likely. Test out demos, analyze characteristics, and opt for a theme that resonates with you!

I hope that this article will aid in your quest for an ideal alternative to GeneratePress on your website. Keep in mind that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so feel free to delve into various options and relish the process of constructing your desired webpage!