6 Best Review Platforms: Collect & Aggregate Customer Reviews

Growth is essential for every business and brand. However, this growth becomes easier when customers using a brand’s product provide feedback. Feedback is posted in the form of reviews, which, whether positive or negative, are incredibly beneficial. 

However, managing reviews in itself could become tedious if the proper review platform is not used. We are making this task easier by providing you with the best 6 review platforms. Let’s get started!

6 Best Review Platforms



Taggbox, in recent years, has emerged as one of the most popular customer review platforms. This rise in popularity can be attributed to the flawless collect, curate, and display review process. A central plus of Taggbox is that you can display these reviews across several marketing touchpoints.

Taggbox’s customer base is increasing daily, given its brilliant features.

  • You can aggregate reviews from a variety of review platforms, including all the major platforms 
  • With the help of the On-site UGC upload feature, you can directly post on the website.
  • Customization features help you provide a personalized touch to your reviews.
  • You have the option of monetizing the content before publishing
  • The insightful Analytics Feature assists you in keeping track of your performance
  • You can turn on the live review updates.



An online reputation management solution called Trustpilot allows every brand to convert client feedback into tangible outcomes. It is best suited for medium- to large-sized internet businesses. However, it is excellent for regional companies. This tool can be used to collect reviews for eCommerce businesses. 

To increase conversion rates, stand out in SERPs, and increase sales, it provides alternatives for gathering, managing, and displaying customer reviews. With this review platform’s help, you can easily manage your online reviews and recommendations. You can track your favorable and unfavorable evaluations and make widgets from your finest ones.

It offers a functional analytics dashboard where you can keep tabs on client feedback and your brand’s online reputation performance.



Podium is a platform for consumer contact that uses text messaging to assist businesses in managing client connections and establishing an online reputation across several websites.

This platform unifies online reviews and customer interactions into a single dashboard to ensure easy management, monitoring, and management of reviews. From there, you can text current and potential customers and invite them to leave reviews and comment in real time on online reviews.

Additionally, Podium’s platform offers data on business operations, sentiment research, and competitive benchmarking, which lets you understand how your organization compares to others in its industry. A smartphone app is also accessible.



By tracking and reacting to consumer comments, the cloud-based reputation management tool Yext assists organizations in managing excellent customer experiences. The software is great for managing responses, review requests, sentiment analysis, and social media stats.

Pulls the streamlining by allowing users to collect honest customer feedback to share across websites and local pages, making it suitable for various businesses, including SaaS and local ones.

Additionally, the platform can increase traffic and engagement by displaying star ratings next to organic search results.

The solution includes brand control capabilities for franchisees, advisers, agents, and local managers to operate business processes and evaluate replies based on regulated user access.



A cloud-based reputation management tool called NiceJob assists businesses in managing customer feedback, recommendations, and sales. It works with both positive and negative reviews, has a robust system for monitoring reviews, and sends email and SMS requests.

The platform uses an automated approach to gather reviews from your business listing. Then, it distributes those reviews to several review websites.

NiceJob CRM was created for businesses that produce excellent work and desire to increase their sales through online word-of-mouth marketing.

Since the procedure is automated, you won’t need to perform many manual tasks. As a result, you’ll save a tonne of time while still getting fantastic outcomes for your online reputation.

Rize Reviews

rize reviews

Customers can use any gadget to share online reviews. Users may easily access the widget via a variety of media and platforms. In addition, numerous reputation management functions are included in the software.

Using reviews from Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau, Rize Reviews provides a reviews widget for showcasing client feedback. In addition, you can decide whether or not to display the overall review score and your desired widget display options.

Flexible targeting, tailored email marketing, a distinctive brand message, and automatic review monitoring are a few of them. In addition, major corporate applications like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and LinkedIn are integrated with this tool.

Wrapping Up!

Reviews and ratings have become an essential part of brands and businesses in recent years. We would love to provide you with the best one, and this blog contains the top 6 review platforms. We leave it to you to select the best platform for your business.


What are review platforms?

Customer review sites are online platforms that let customers publicly express their opinions and give products, businesses, or services ratings.

What makes a good review process?

Your review ought to be concise, helpful, and consistent. Clarity is crucial because if authors don’t fully grasp your worries, they won’t be able to address them. Reviews are most beneficial when they offer useful suggestions for resolving issues as well as constructive criticism.