20 Best AI Social Media Tools and Ways to Use Them in 2024

In the present time of digital technology, social media has deeply penetrated our lives. Its application is not limited to communication with friends and family members and the promotion of businesses and brands. Nowadays, it is an indelible part of one’s daily life. Still, managing several social media networks effectively is a stressful and overpowering, time-and-effort-consuming mission. Thus, artificial intelligence can solve this issue and completely transform the sphere of our engagement with social media. In this blog post, we will consider the best AI social media tools.

Understanding AI in Social Media Management

But first, before considering specific tools, let’s understand the role of AI in social media management in general. Its nature is to process large volumes of data in real-time, thus permitting businesses and regular users to improve their social networking strategies. AI deals with content creation, audience engagement, and analytics. All components of social media businesses profit from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Best AI Social Media Tools


ContentStudio is the first of its kind and a highly innovative tool that combines all social media and content research, publishing, and posting activities on one platform. It will not only publish the information but will also track its performance. ContentStudio discovers the best trending content, which can allow the user to stay updated and accurate in their niche.

How to use ContentStudio

  • Register and set up your account after signing up.
  • Connect the social media channels you would like to manage and share content from.
  • Check your niche and use ContentStudio’s Discovery feature, which also helps you find the best content.
  • Choose the articles you would like to add to your queue or schedule for publishing.
  • Analyze the performance of your published articles with ContentStudio’s analytics.
  • Follow ContentStudio’s AI recipe for optimizing your social media strategy.


Synthesia is a video creation platform that utilizes the power of AI. It generates what is called synthetic videos, which are extremely lifelike and convincing. They feature a computer-generated human, who speaks the dialogue prepared by the user. The intelligence functions and management platform provided by Synthesia can be used to create bespoke synthetic videos on a massive scale. This solution is especially useful for marketing and customer service needs, as well as in training or education.

How to use Synthesia

  • Sign up for Synthesia and review the currently available video creation templates.
  • Provide the dialogue or a narrative for your video and choose the avatar artwork and gesture.
  • Use Synthesia’s AI technology to generate the video based on the provided information.
  • Review the generated video and improve any aspects that may have not been correctly interpreted.
  • Download the video and use it for marketing or any other purposes.


VistaSocial is an AI social media marketing website designed to ensure customer satisfaction and loyal feedback. It applies artificial intelligence algorithms to providing customers with information concerning their opinion on social media, including such points as overall performance, popular posts, and topics for improvement.

How to use VistaSocial

  • Sign up with the firm and connect your social media accounts to the platform.
  • Use the service’s content creation tools to plan your marketing campaign and schedule posts across all your channels.
  • Use the segmenting tool to ensure that only the most interested people receive each post.
  • Use the analytic tools provided to record the level of engagement you receive and relate this to the actual sales of your product.
  • Find out why particular posts perform well and look for ways to improve the engagement of those that underperform.


AI-based social media marketing platforms are helping to create the best advertising campaigns for businesses in social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads. Provides features such as ad creation, target audience definition, A/B testing, performance tracking, and optimization recommendations. The AI analyzes the given data and provides a trend, insight, or recommendation for a better-performing advertisement. The goal is to improve the ROI of the marketing campaigns.

How to use Murf

  • Sign up for Murf and connect your advertising account, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads
  • Launch the ad campaigns, create the target audience, and use the provided targeting and analytics features
  • Select one of the options to monitor and optimize the activity: adjust the targeting, adjust the bids, and adjust the ads with the help of the AI


Hootsuite is a social media management platform aimed at streamlining the process of managing multiple social media accounts. It provides a full range of features, including scheduling posts ahead, monitoring social media activity, engaging followers, and analyzing performance metrics. Hootsuite manages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular social media sites on a single dashboard. Businesses and digital marketers use this tool to keep a consistent and effective social media presence.

How to use Hootsuite

  • Sign up for an account on the Hootsuite website.
  • Connect your social media accounts to Hootsuite, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Create streams to monitor your social media accounts’ activities, including mentions, comments, or messages.
  • Schedule posts by selecting social media profiles, adding the content, and choosing the date and time to publish.
  • Monitor the posts’ performance by using the analytics dashboard to track engagement, reach, and follower growth.


ChatGPT is an AI chatbot by OpenAI built on the technology of GPT, meaning Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It carries on the natural language conversations with users, echoing the human-like reciprocity. As long as the input includes the tone, style, and context of the desired sentence, the AI can generate a text in a similar manner. Over and above, ChatGPT can understand the given text, matching it to the patterns of the previous interaction. It can be effectively used as a support chat on the website, a personal or professional virtual assistant, and for many other text message-based applications.

How to use ChatGPT

  • If you are a developer, integrate ChatGPT into your application or website by using the provided API.
  • Fine-tune the responses of the chatbot by training it on the data or adjusting its parameters to get the desired results.
  • For the use of regular users, integrate ChatGPT into the website to allow sending messages or conducting queries on it.
  • ChatGPT will converse based on the input it was trained on and the context of the conversation.


Flick is an AI-powered Instagram hashtag generator made to increase the visibility and accessibility of the user’s post. The tool uses the analysis of trends and engagement data to provide the user with a range of relevant hashtags corresponding to the post. The tool is cooperating with the Instagram algorithm, superseding any content otherwise posted. By including the manually chosen hashtags in the captions, the user has more chances of appealing to a broader audience and improving engagement rates.

How to use Flick

  • Download Flick on the website or app.
  • Search for the relevant hashtags by using the keywords of your content or niche.
  • Flick will provide a list of hashtags along with data about their performance and relevance.
  • Copy the relevant hashtags that you would like to use for your Instagram posts.


Jasper is an AI-driven content creation utility aimed at generating the highest quality material for subscribers’ social media and digital outlets. The tool provides the user with the most advanced offers, including image and text motives and even complete posts. The tool is fed with the user’s preferences and the advanced algorithms in total detention. The material is in full compliance with the user’s tone and writing style, matching the context of the available data.

How to use Jasper

  • Go to the Jasper webpage or a platform to access the information.
  • Indicate what kind of content is required in terms of topics, tone, and target audience.
  • Let Jasper generate ideas, visuals, or full posts that can be shared or made on social media.
  • Customize the post before sharing it using the information provided.


Buffer is a well-known social media management platform. It includes social media publishing, social media analytics, and team collaboration features. With the help of Buffer, you can schedule, publish, reply to posts, and analyze the results on all of your social media channels, all at once.

How to use Buffer

  • Create a Buffer account and add your social media profiles.
  • Compose your post by adding text, images, or links, and select the profiles you want to publish it on.
  • Either schedule it for specific days and times or let Buffer’s automatic scheduler pick the best time.
  • To know how the post is doing, use the analytics dashboard.


Canva is a cloud-based graphic design tool with a wide range of social media graphics pre-designed, developed, and edited. Thanks to Canva’s professionally crafted, ready-to-use layouts and the software’s friendly interface, no graphic design skills are required to create challenging visuals.

How to use Canva

  • Sign up or log in to your Canva account.
  • Start with a blank design or choose a template for your post.
  • Customize your design with text, images, shapes, and other elements with a drag-and-drop tool.
  • Edit your design’s color, font, or layout.
  • Use Canva’s AI to optimize your design, including its design suggestions, image cropping, and layout optimization.


Lately uses Artificial Intelligence to hand you a head start on social media management. If you operate a podcast, blog, or create videos, you have content on your hands. Lately’s AI can understand the context and tone of the content, allowing users to generate high-quality social media posts quickly and efficiently.

How to use Lately

  • Sign up and connect the social media accounts you want to manage.
  • Import some pieces of your content, such as blogs, podcasts, or videos, to Lately.
  • Let Lately automatically generate social media posts from your content library.
  • Schedule the posts for different days and times and measure the performance through the dashboard.


SocialBee is a Social Media Management Tool that will help you share, post, and schedule your content on all social media channels . In addition to standard scheduling, you can place the information in categories using a visual Instagram post planner, and automated posting will recycle the material.

How to use SocialBee

  • Sign up with SocialBee and connect your social media platforms.
  • Group your content into categories and set up rules for recycling.
  • Schedule your posts and let SocialBee recycle them the way you planned.
  • Check social media comments, messages, and mentions, and respond directly from the dashboard.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a unified management and reporting social platform with the latest features and tools , including publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration. Using machine learning, Sprout Social informs the user what is happening in the world right now. Based on the publishing process results, the application also advises when and what to publish next.

How to use Sprout Social

  • Create a Sprout Social account and add your social media profiles.
  • Use Sprout Social’s calendar to schedule posts for multiple platforms.
  • Check how your posts are doing by browsing your social media mentions, comments, and messages.
  • Use Sprout Social’s analytics to track key performance metrics and get to know your audience’s behavior.


Emplifi is an all-in-one, centralized social media management and customer experience platform that enables businesses to connect with their audience on various digital platforms. The platform provides solutions to such business needs as social media monitoring, publishing, analytics, customer helpdesk functionality, reputation management and social ad management. Emplifi’s AI-powered software makes it possible to understand various dimensions of customer behavior, sentiment and preferences. Consequently, businesses can create more personalized customer service, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to Use Emplifi

  • Sign up for Emplifi and connect your social media accounts to the platform.
  • Set up monitoring streams for tracking brand mentions, keywords, and relevant conversations.
  • Use the publishing tools provided by Emplifi to schedule posts for your social media profiles.
  • Engage with your audience and respond to comments, messages, and mentions.
  • Use analytics to measure the performance of your social media content.

Peppertype AI

Peppertype AI is a content generation tool, powered by artificial intelligence. It is designed to assist users in creating engaging and persuasive text. To achieve this goal, Peppertype’s AI analyzes the user input and generates text that can resonate with the user’s target audience. The software can be used for different types of content, such as blog posts, social media captions or comments, advertisement texts or even emails.

How to use Peppertype

  • Sign in to the Peppertype AI platform and specify the type of content and the target group.
  • Use text generation tools on the platform to generate various content ideas for your specified purposes and audiences.
  • Adapt and refine the provided content according to your brand-specific language and messaging.
  • Use the generated content for your marketing efforts, social media posts, emails, or any other communications.


Brandwatch is a social media monitoring platform and solution. It is used to observe the conversation about a given brand, or brands in general, on social platforms. In addition, it can be used to track the competition, stay aware of recent trends, and carry out influencer and benchmarking analysis. The recommended actions and insights provided by Brandwatch’s AI can help inform the strategy and operations of the users.

How to use Brandwatch

  • Create an account with Brandwatch and connect your social media accounts.
  • Define and create queries to track brand mentions, industry keywords, competitors, and other topics.
  • Use the analytics tools to measure sentiment and find trends in your performance and comparison to competitors.
  • Monitor the real-time dashboard and engage with your audience.
  • Use the insights gained to improve your social media strategy.


An AI-based social media content discovery and curation platform that allows users to find and share the most relevant content for their audience. Collects content from different social media platforms, blogs, and news websites and uses AI algorithms to give a personalized recommendation based on the user’s interest. Algorithms also learn user preferences and improve their recommendations over time.

How to use FeedHive

  • Sign up for FeedHive and connect your social media accounts
  • Get started with the content discovery and curation tools by finding content from different online sources
  • Use the analytics tools to track the performance of the curated content and optimize the activity based on the engagement metrics you are interested in


An AI-based social media analytics platform designed to bring actionable insight from social media data and improve business. Features such as sentiment analysis, trend detection, benchmarking with a competitor, or influencer identification. The AI analyzes social media data and provides information on trends, insights, or opportunities that can be valuable for businesses.

How to use Midjourney

  • Sign up for Midjourney and connect your social media accounts
  • Set up the monitoring streams for branded and non-branded conversations, keywords, and topics on social media
  • Use the sentiment analysis and other analytics in the tool set to study the data and the real-time dashboards to monitor the metrics


An AI-marketing platform specialized in creating and optimizing email subject lines, social media text, or other marketing content . Use natural language generation algorithms to generate the most engaging content for the target audience. AI learns from the performance data and adapts the generated messages accordingly.

How to use Pharsee

  • Create an account in the platform and connect your marketing accounts, such as email marketing or social media
  • Get started with the AI-powered tools and specify the campaign objectives, target audience, and your preferences for the generated copy
  • Use A/B testing and analytics to compare the variants and select the most successful messages for the campaigns.

Innovative Ways to Use AI Tools for Social Media

Personalized content recommendations

The AI-powered social media tool analyzes the user’s preferences, interaction history, and behaviors. Knowing the content that a user will likely view sparks user engagement and potential loyalty.

Automated customer support

The AI chatbots on social media platforms respond to customer queries and challenges. The response is both timely and factual, leading to satisfied customers.

Predictive analytics for optimized campaigns

The AI algorithm reviews the cycles of behaviors from tons of historical data. It then applies the trends in the selected region to predict possible future trends. Thus, businesses can implement social media campaigns that maximize the finished products.

Sentiment analysis

The tool allows the AI system to review, in context, the mood of people towards a brand, product or service.

Competitor bench marking

The social media tool utilizes AI to review the rate at which a competitor gets people on their social media pages, reasons for the low or high numbers, the activity rates, and the content that gets them clicked. The business can, therefore, use the reports to re-strategize on their media content.


To sum up, AI has revolutionized social media management and now businesses and individuals have all the chances to benefit from it. They can use AI-powered tools to optimize social media workflow, get better engagement and reach more specific marketing goals. AI will keep advancing which means that its role in social media is likely to increase, offering plenty of opportunities and innovations to come.