Best Apps 2024: How to Use AI Apps for Social Media

Today, people use AI tools and platforms to help them in different professions and simply in their everyday lives. In this article, we will tell you about the best AI apps for social media which have been created to help social media managers or people who manage social media accounts on their own. Be sure that all these toes will make your social media management routine much easier! In addition, remember that you can check site if you want to make your studying routine easier, because this website can do all the home assignments for you.

Content Shake AI: SEO+Writer

Content Shake is an AI tool that is designed to provide users with written content. However, this AI is not only capable of creating captivating content but is also aware of the SEO basics and can create content that is social media-friendly. If you are a social media manager or work with social media, you are probably excited to learn how to use it, so let’s look at it step by step:

  1. Firstly, you need to describe what your social media content is focused on and what you want to describe right now. 
  2. The AI will immediately provide you with a list of content ideas you can choose regarding the topic. 
  3. If you have commercial intent, the AI will tell you how much traffic this post will attract. 
  4. Then, you need to click start writing, and the AI will create the whole post.
  5. After that article is written, the tool will provide you with a score of how successfully these articles will perform. It will also provide suggestions to improve SEO and readability scores.
  6. You will be able to look at all the articles on the same topics and compare them to yours.
  7. Besides all these useful features, you get them for free just by using this app. You can also chat with AI in a live chat, much the same as with ChatGPT. This perfect platform gathers all the best features needed to work with social media content. 

But that is not all. You can directly transfer this content written by the AI to Google Docs or post it directly to social media. Moreover, the whole article can be turned into multiple social media posts relatable to different social media platforms. The AI will simply divide the content provided and make it suitable for each social media platform.

Ocoya: Handful AI app for Social Media Managers 

It would be pretty useful for a social media manager. If you are familiar with a ChatGpt generative AI tool and Canva, which is a design platform allowing the creation of brochures, PowerPoints, etc., you can think of Ocoya as a combination of both. 

When you visit the platform, you should use the Create with AI button and provide the description of your brand. Then, the platforms will provide you with plenty of relevant and visually appealing platforms to choose from for your social media post. However, you are not obliged to use them because Ocoya will provide you with personalized help. We will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use it for your content: 

  1. Firstly, you need to choose the social media platform on which you will post, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.
  2. Press Create button 
  3. Enjoy the ready-made posts, which include visuals, captions, and hashtags. 
  4. Rest assured, you have full control over the content. If you need to tweak a caption or adjust a header in the picture, simply click ‘Regenerate a Caption’ or ‘Re-edit Design, and Ocoya’s AI will make the necessary adjustments.
  5. Finally, you can schedule the post or post the creation of AI right away.

You can use Ocaya to manage your social media account this way. Nevertheless, the platform has other interesting features to offer. 

Automation Feature

This feature allows you to turn any online articles or YouTube videos into social media posts. You simply need to upload the URL, and Ocaya will use the information from the article or video to adjust it according to your brand’s content and your personal requirements. It is a pretty helpful feature that makes the life of social media managers easier. However, Ocaya is not the only platform that offers such a feature. There are many AI tools online that can crop long YouTube videos into smaller ones to be suitable for social media platforms. 

Simplified: Video Magician

Simplified is one such platform that can crop videos and provide social media-friendly formats, such as short one or 2-minute videos with engaging captions and relevant hashtags. AI takes the long videos and divides them into the shorter ones with no editing on your side. Let’s consider how to use this platform step by step: 

  1. Choose the video you would like to be divided into multiple shorter videos, copy and paste its URL, or upload the ready-made video 
  2. Choose the template out of the big library that will be offered to you; these templates show what the shorter videos would look like.
  3. Choose the language of the subtitles, if any, needed for the videos.
  4. Select the optimal clip duration: 1, 2, or 5 minutes.
  5. Press Generate Clip. 

Finally, you will be provided with a list of short videos cut out of the longer video you requested. Furthermore, this platform also has a feature that predicts how viral this video will go. For example, it gives scores to each short video clip and predicts the viral score, such as 80 or 75, where 100 is super viral. 

Most importantly, the platform also creates captions, hashtags, and headers and makes changes to the video if needed, and you can edit all of them. You can also post it directly to the social media platform you work with. This way, you can create long videos for Youtube, and Simplified will make them viral on other social media platforms.

Social Media Content Planning

All social media managers are tired of creating weekly and monthly content for their social media accounts. However, did you know that AI tools can simply do it for you? You do not even need to look for some of the specific AI tools we have described. You can simply use chat GPT and explain what you wish to be done. For example, you can copy the outline of the social media plan you want to use as a template and upload it to ChatGPT. Then, you need to do the following:

  • Describe the kinds of content you wish to include in your content planning strategy: images, videos, blog posts, and audience.
  • Briefly outline your plan for engaging with your audience throughout the week: responding to comments, posing questions, organizing contests, or any other strategies.
  • Highlight any dates or events scheduled for the week that should be integrated into the content plan, such as sales offers or industry conferences.
  • Share your posting frequency for each platform and the optimal times you post.

Then, the AI tool will use the template you provided and add the unique content plan pertinent to your social media account. It will ride the plan by inserting the information in the template that you have provided, so you will not need to do anything on your own.