Boosting Your Perth Business Online: A Chat About Showing Up in Local Searches

Getting your business to stand out online is no easy feat, especially in a digitally savvy city like Perth. With so many locals turning to Google to find products, services, and information, having an ineffective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy can sink your chances of being visible in those critical search results. Learning how to do SEO yourself seems to be mandatory for any Perth-based business dreaming of growth in 2024.

The starting point is concentrating your efforts on useful, engaging content that speaks to what Perth natives are hunting for. Say you launched a boutique fitness studio in Subiaco. Rather than targeting general fitness buffs, your blog posts, videos, and web copy would drill down on the wants of suburban gym-goers. For instance, share the best parks for outdoor workouts in Subiaco, spotlight superfood smoothie recipes from your cafe, or feature member transformation stories from locals who love your Pilates classes. This hyperlocal approach gives you an edge.

Ensure that edge isn’t lost by having a site that loads at a snail’s pace on smartphones and tablets. Let’s face it: we’re a restless bunch, used to instant downloads and one-click delivery. With nearly 70% of searches in Perth happening on mobile devices, technical optimisations like compressed image files, reduced server response times, and browser caching are non-negotiable if you want visitors to stick around.

And don’t forget the power of word-of-mouth…online, that is. Reviews on Facebook and Google Business profiles have become the internet’s version of a trusted referral. Satisfied clients who post a 5-star rating on your cleaning service give you instant social proof. Similarly, having accurate business information across key local listings provides consistency in how customers find you. Covering both areas demonstrates your business is established and gets more locals to hire you.

The key to unlocking the potential of SEO in Perth is either by hiring a digital marketing agency, or by doing it yourself by understanding the digital habits and behaviours that set this market apart. It takes extra effort to stand out these days, but the rewards can be monumental.

Optimise for Local Keywords: Getting Found in Local Searches

Alright, let’s start with some friendly jargon – keywords. These are essentially the words and phrases that people type into the Google search bar when hunting for something specific online.

In order for your business to have a fighting chance of appearing in those critical search results and being found locally here in Perth, you need to sprinkle some localised keywords throughout your website copy. We’re talking terms like “Perth”, “Western Australia”, or the specific suburb you’re located in.

For example, suppose you owned a popular Italian restaurant in Fremantle. In that case, you’d want to work keywords like “Fremantle Italian restaurant” or “best pasta in Fremantle” organically into your menu pages, About Us section, blog posts, etc.

Not only does this help in ranking for local searches, but it also clearly signals to Google that you are a Perth-based business providing value specifically to local customers. This geo-targeting gives you a competitive boost in appearing in those all-important map pack results.

So be sure to brainstorm a list of relevant localised keywords and key phrases that your ideal customers will likely use when searching for businesses like yours. Then, start weaving the best options naturally throughout your site copy without going overboard. Just a light sprinkle here and there goes a long way.

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Claim Your Google Business Profile Listing: Your Virtual Storefront

Ever noticed those handy boxes that appear on the right side of Google search results pages when you look up local businesses? Typically containing key details like their address, website, photos, and customer reviews?

That’s essentially what Google Business Profile is—it’s like your customised digital storefront on Google for anyone searching for businesses in your category or location. Having an accurately completed Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) listing has become hugely influential in drawing more local traffic from searches.

So, if you haven’t already, make sure to claim or create your free Google Business Profile listing. Start by adding engaging photos of your products, services, or location. Include your most up-to-date business information, like the correct street address, contact information, and opening hours.

However, the real opportunity lies in customer reviews – these establish immense social proof and trust for your business. So don’t be shy in politely asking satisfied visitors to leave you a nice, detailed review on your Google Business Profile if they were pleased with their experience. A collection of solid 5-star local ratings and praise can work wonders!

Just remember, much like an actual storefront’s curb appeal, ensuring your Google Business Profile listing makes a fantastic first impression and is kept updated plays a big role in whether or not potential local customers will wander through your virtual doors.

Local Citations: Consistency Across Key Directories

Think of local citations as a bit like getting your business listed in multiple phone directories that Perth locals frequently turn to.

Besides just appearing on Google itself, having your business information published across various key online directories, classified sites, and Perth-specific niche citation websites helps reinforce your legitimacy and presence in the local market.

Some top platforms to aim for include industry-relevant ones like Hotfrog and Hipages, top review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor if applicable, your Facebook business page, and prominent regional resources such as Perth Online or the West Australian Business Directory.

When claiming and verifying these listings, accuracy and having complete, consistent NAP (name, address and phone number) data across all citations become imperative. Minor inconsistencies or outdated directory entries risk hampering both locals’ ability to find you and Google’s ability to fully trust you as an established regional player.

So, be thorough in monitoring and updating your critical citation listings in tandem. Remember, the more structured data signals you can send indicating your business is the real deal in Perth, the more likely Google is to reward you with increased visibility and discovery by local searchers.

Mobile Optimisation: Embracing the Future of Search

Most potential customers and clients are reaching for their smartphones or tablets first when looking to engage with a local business or make a purchase decision.

Mobile search officially overtook desktop search back in 2015 and has never looked back. With mobile now accounting for roughly 70% of Google searches across Perth, having a website optimised for smaller screens has become perhaps the single most vital aspect of search visibility.

It’s no longer enough to just have a mobile-friendly site. You need to understand how locals actually engage on smartphones and tablets in order to convert that traffic. Elements like accelerated mobile pages, seamless navigation menus, one-click calling/navigation and minimal page load speeds are must-haves.

Optimising for voice search also proves increasingly relevant as people rely on virtual assistants via Google, Alexa and Siri. Voice still represents under 20% of searches but continues to rise exponentially.

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Think of exceptional mobile UX, almost like welcoming guests into a comfortable, inviting home versus an awkward, cramped waiting room. The better the fit, the longer they’ll stay. The same principle applies to mobile visitors – the craft that VIPs experience through site speed, simple menus and ample call-to-action buttons that guide them forward in their journey with you.

Content Localisation: Creating Relevant, Engaging Information

Let’s shift gears to talk about the type of website content that helps convince Google that your business belongs in the Perth suburbs. We’re talking blogs, videos, testimonials – anything containing useful information for people in your area.

While you probably have general content to attract wider audiences, it’s smart to set aside real estate specifically for locals. Create dedicated pages highlighting popular products/services among Perth customers or special offers just for them.

Share hyperlocal stories they relate to, whether an employee profile from Fremantle or a local cause your company funds in surrounding neighbourhoods. Blog about events happening around town relevant to your industry. Source reviews from WA residents or link to local media features on your business.

Essentially, you want a healthy mix of content that paints you as a true member of the Perth community while still appealing to visitors beyond WA. This balance not only keeps content engaging but also signals relevancy to Google’s Perth-specific algorithm.

Remember, search engines reward businesses that commit time and resources to providing genuine value to the exact areas they serve. Localised content entices search bots to share you more prominently with local searchers. So get to know your digital neighbours through helpful, tailored content!

Backlink Building: Earning Trust Through References

Alright, backlinks. Essentially, these are measured links/mentions of your website from external sites. Think of it like getting positive references vouching for your business.

In the same way references bolster a resume, quality backlinks indicating trust and authority help search engines like Google view your site as a reputable source that locals should find. The more well-known, relevant sites linking back to you (ideally with anchor text using your keywords), the more influential power gets passed.

There are ethical ways to build these. Reach out, suggesting partnerships with recognised local blogs or publications to get featured. Sponsor events by respected Perth groups and have your site linked to their pages. Contribute guest posts to niche sites targeting West Aussies. The goal is to earn references from sites that search engines already trust in order to borrow their reputation.

While poor backlink practices can certainly hurt, when done transparently, referential links help reinforce your place as a recommended business amongst both search bots and Perth consumers. So actively yet patiently build relationships with local business sites that your customers are likely to frequent and trust. Quality over quantity holds here, but persistence pays dividends.

The Journey Continues: Keep Going With SEO

And there you have the integral ingredients for SEO success in Perth today – optimised local keywords, a claimed Google Business profile with shining reviews, consistency across key citations, mobile friendliness, hyperlocal content, and a sprinkling of reputable backlinks.

Who knew so much continual effort went into getting found online locally?

But smart business owners recognise SEO as a long-term waltz requiring dedication, patience, some trial-and-error missteps, and the flexibility to incorporate new moves.

Google’s algorithms will keep evolving. Mobile capabilities will keep expanding. Customer needs will keep changing. Achieving rankings one year guarantees nothing the next as fresh local competitors step onto the dancefloor.

Yet for those Perth enterprises committed to elegantly leading customers rather than being led, the music plays on. Keep monitoring your site traffic and performance, listen for new drummer beats from Google Perth, and adapt your SEO flow in rhythm to shifts in the partner across from you.

Savvy local search marketers don’t obsess over spot number one on the leaderboard; they focus on small improvements in timing & technique week by week that win loyal local fans for the long haul.

So embrace SEO not as a destination but as an ongoing journey demanding attention, intuition, and the occasional backward dip. Take pride in incrementally getting better and better over time, much like perfecting intricate dance moves through months of patience and practice.

Now, care to tango over to that website waiting to be optimised for the Perth scene? The music’s playing…just listen to it!