Display Ads vs Search Ads | Advantages of Display & Search Ads

Display Ads Vs Search Ads this is a question that troubles every business owner or a digital marketing professional in this age. Though one of those increases your engagement, whereas other one is a bit easier on your wallet. However there may be some of those people, who are just starting out in this field and don’t have much idea about either of them. Be that as it may, it is necessary that you have the complete information and you consider all of the possible aspects related to each one of them, before choosing one to settle in order to form a digital marketing strategy.

In this article, we are going to explain, the key difference and the effects of each Display Ads Vs Search Ads, so that you can learn about both of them, and invest your money in such a way, that you get the best benefits from your investments.

Display Ads

Simply put, display ads are the billboards of the internet marketing world. Just as you see a billboard when you’re driving anywhere in your car, you see display ads, as you surf the different websites, pages, or apps on the internet.

The main focus of a display ad is to provide information of the company to the audience, and spread brand awareness among the people.

This increases their reach and enhances their brand engagement, and whenever a person sees the name of your company again, the name will strike in their head as a known brand on which they can put their trust on.

Display ads may be pop ups, image files, video, or even text, on a different site, other than that of the advertiser.

These kinds of ads have a lot of ‘what ifs’ attached to them. What if the reader doesn’t even pay attention, if they do will they click it, but there’s one thing you can be sure about is that, they are most certain to read about it on the advertisement.

That is why, the main aim of this type of advertisement is to just notify the audience as, the probability of the click through rate to be maximum are totally dependent on the needs of the person doing the search.

For Example: If a person is surfing the internet for some work and an image pops up for a totally unrelated issue. The chances of them actually clicking on the advertisement is quite less, as compared to a person who gets an advertisement which is related to their own personal needs.

The above examples gives a proper illustration of the importance of using the display ads with the help of proper tools in order to target the specific customers who are in need of the products and services you deal in.

Advantages of Display Ads

  • High Volume

As the websites monitor the websites surfed by an individual, thus display ads are suited to promote your business to the right people, but at the right cost. Additionally, it is not always the case, as the display ads are also shown to the consumers who may not have previously looked for the products or services that you have in store.

  • Brand Awareness

The primary aim of display ads, is to serve as a billboard and spread as much brand awareness as possible. Thus it is a great tool to attract potential consumers and increase the business of a company by gathering more customers and spreading a positive image of the company to a wide consumer base.

  • Retargeting

Display ads allow a person to revisit the website, in search of additional information or getting your products and services. Thus converting them from a potential customer to a business asset. This is possible because the display ads stay stationary for a period of time at a certain place on a website, giving a user an opportunity to revisit it.

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Search Ads

Search ads are the ads which you come across, when you go to any search engines and enter your key words. These are the ads which appear on the top of the search results, and are labelled as “Ad” in the search results itself.

Search ads are paid ads which are sponsored through the search engine provider, in order to display the ads in the beginning whenever a person makes a google search.

These types of advertisements are effective as they are directly aimed at the person’s needs who is doing the google search.

For Example: If a person’s requires pest control to be done at his place of residence, but has no clue where to begin or who to contact. That person will first go to google and try to learn about the pest control and the various companies providing this service. Hence when he types “pest control near me” on google, he will get tons of results showing the websites related to the keywords, but on top of those result, the first one or two results, will be of the individual who has paid google to post sponsored search engine ads.

Thus, this will increase the traffic and generate more revenue for the business owner than what he or she had invested in posting the search ads in the first place.

One other benefit of search ads is that instead of just spreading brand awareness to a wide range of customers, search ads targets the potential customers, who have a high chance of becoming a valued consumers as they were looking for such type of product or services on google search engines anyway. Therefore, search ads helps both the consumer and the business owners in solving their problems.

Advantages of Search Ads

  • Pocket Friendly

Search ads are more pocket friendly and hence can be used by small business owners who are just starting out in the field of digital marketing. Companies can opt for PPC or pay per click campaigns for the best return or investment. This way, you only have to pay for the ads, where the user actually ends up clicking on it.

  • Measurable Data

With the help of google adverts you can also track the amount of traffic you get and see which keywords have proven to be the best bang for your buck, and which keywords you need to work on further. This way you can keep on updating your digital marketing campaign to better suit your end goals and objectives for the company.

  • Relevant Leads

The traffic generate through search ads helps your website by increasing the click through and conversion rate thus increasing both the rankings and the revenue generated. As search ads attract traffic which relevant to your targeted keywords, you get the most suited potential client base to your website.

Hope this information of Display Ads Vs Search Ads helped you in forming the best marketing campaign for your business and increase your traffic and revenues.