How to Do Keyword Research for Pinterest [Updated Tutorial]

Are you a content creator retailer or an advertiser? If you are any of them, then Pinterest is your best bet for putting up your content and being successful. Under this guide, you can learn how to do keyword research for Pinterest to make the most of the social media Platform. You can also learn about how to do Pinterest keyword research.

Importance of Pinterest keywords

Before you learn how to do keyword research for Pinterest, you must know about the importance of Pinterest keywords.

  • Keywords help in understanding Algorithms: The platform must understand what the pins are all about so that they can be shown to the relevant users.
  • Keywords are essential for Pinterest SEO: The search feature of Pinterest is one of the most widely used features where users search for specific things like recipes, skincare tips, and playlists. It is different from other social media platforms. Pinterest is perfect for ideas and content to be discovered by other users.

Why do You need To Do Pinterest Keyword Research?

Wondering how to do Pinterest keyword research? If yes, then you must know that Pinterest is a search engine, and there’s a tool that makes it easy for people to search and locate information in search engines like Pinterest.

The search engine would rank the Internet content based on the algorithms used to generate different search results. Pinterest keyword research plays a crucial role, as the search engine uses this to categorize the content, and these are the words your target audience is using to provide the content.

At the same time, Pinterest keyword research also makes optimization easy on Pinterest. Optimizing the account on Pinterest would help the algorithms understand the content in a better way and make the profile even better.

How to Do Keyword Research for Pinterest

The tips here will make it easy for you to learn how to do keyword research for Pinterest. But before you get going with the steps here, you must do perfect keyword research on Pinterest and store the keywords where you can find them easily while creating the content. There are plenty of tools available out there that make it very easy for you to do keyword research on Pinterest.

Pinterest search bar

One of the best Pinterest keyword research tools is the Pinterest search bar, where you can see a drop-down menu while searching for a keyword on Pinterest. As they are trendy, Pinterest recommends the same. If you are looking forward to writing about bullet journals, you might enter that in and get add-on words, including layout or ideas.

Understand your target audience

The objective of running the Pinterest keyword research is to target the audience. If you are unsure about whom you are targeting or appealing to, it would be challenging for you to grow your profile here.

If you’re just starting to promote the business, always begin with prototyping the person you envision to click or even pin to the website and then purchase the product or service. You can also refer to some of the Pinterest statistics for location demographics or age to identify the potential target audience. After that, you can create your list of keywords that will help you target the audience.

If you have some inbuilt presence here, you can also touch the analytics to use the feature you need to have the business account in the first place.

Consider using a Pinterest keyword tool

You can use the tools mentioned here to do keyword research on Pinterest, and these tools are very easy to use


Finding keyword ideas for Pinterest is very easy. When you use the KeySearch tool, you just need to enter the keyword idea, and you can get related keyword suggestions in no time. As interest focuses on discovery, it makes it a great tool for business. But if you want the right eyes on your content, you need to optimize it.

Pinterest keyword vault

Another best tool for researching keywords on Pinterest is Pinterest keyword vault. With this one, you can just choose which keywords to use in the Pinterest account based on the specialty. This will help you save time searching for keywords in the pin descriptions or accounts. Whenever you use high-ranking keywords, the Pinterest click and reach rate will indeed explode.

Pinterest ads

You need to create an ad to access the tool, but you do not need to publish the ad. It is the best tool for researching keywords on Pinterest as you can examine the keyword ideas and the volume without even activating the same. If you do not have any experience, firstly, you need to set up the Pinterest business account and just log into the company’s account.

Now you need to head to ads. and click on the option to create ads to start the ad campaign development method. Here you have to fill in the blanks with the campaign objective and other details. Next, make a different group and go to the interests and keywords area. Now you head to the keywords tab to get some keyword ideas to enter the keywords and choose your favorite keywords while copying them. Repeat the process for other keywords also.

This is what you need to learn about how to use Pinterest for keyword research, and once you know how to do it well, you can succeed and be the best in your field.

Pin Inspector 

It is one of the best tools that you can use for Pinterest, especially while doing keyword research. With this tool, you can get instant access to endless information from Pinterest as it has six built-in data extraction tools. You can now generate hundreds of top prominent keywords directly from Pinterest’s auto-suggest engine. Additionally, you can get search volume cost per click easily and competition information using free sources. Just click on the latest trends option to instantly extract the current latest trending searches from the Pinterest trends section directly you can now stay ahead of the competition knowing the latest trends spiking. The tool has also made it super easy to download any pin video and image files directly to the computer.

Use Pinterest keyword research effectively

Once you know how to do Pinterest keyword research, you need to learn how to use those keywords. As Pinterest has visual priority, it provides optimum space to incorporate all the keyword strategies in the visual content.

The primary key here is to do keyword optimization perfectly. You just need to add the keywords to different sections of the account. The best place to introduce yourself and make contact with your visitors is your profile. You need to include the main keywords that describe the content or even the business field. The second place would be the profile description, where you must use multiple keywords and explain how the content would help visitors.

A great tip here is to avoid stuffing any unnecessary keywords.

Wrap up

These tips will help you optimize your Pinterest profile and make the most of the experience through Pinterest keyword research. You can ensure that your profile stands out. Even though Pinterest keyword research looks challenging in the first place, once you learn how to use Pinterest for keyword research, things become easy.


What is keyword research for Pinterest and why is it important?

Keyword research for Pinterest involves identifying relevant and popular keywords and phrases that people use to search for content on the platform. It’s important because using the right keywords can help your pins appear in search results and increase visibility and engagement.

How do I optimize my pins with keywords?

To optimize your pins with keywords, include relevant keywords in your pin’s title, description, and hashtags. Use descriptive and specific titles that include your keywords, and write detailed descriptions that incorporate related keywords. Use 2-3 relevant hashtags that include your keywords. It’s important to use keywords naturally and organically and avoid keyword stuffing.

How do I track the success of my keyword research on Pinterest?

To track the success of your keyword research on Pinterest, you can use Pinterest Analytics. It provides data on your profile, audience, and engagement, and also shows the performance of your pins. You can see how many impressions, saves, and clicks each pin has received, and which keywords and phrases are driving traffic to your profile. This data can help you refine your keyword strategy and optimize your content for better performance on Pinterest.