How to make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing?

Are you thinking about how to make money on Instagram? Then one of the best ways is through Instagram affiliate marketing. Like other platforms, Instagram affiliate marketing also works in the same way a business provides a commission to someone to appeal to people to purchase its product or services. The amount of commission an affiliate marketer is paid is tracked using a code.

Instagram is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers, not only because most Instagram users make purchases on the platform each week but also because the format of the content on this platform shows a 360-degree view that people look for before making any purchase.

Best Instagram Features 

Instagram is rich in relevant features, making it a go-to platform for numerous brands and influencers to team up and drive sales. Some of the best features that make it easy for people who are looking for ways to make money on Instagram are:

  • Grid pinning: With this feature, you can easily pin any of your posts on top of your grid so that some of your selected older content can shine. This is the best feature if you want to know how to make money with affiliate marketing on Instagram.
  • Map searching: You can compare this Instagram feature with Google Maps. It helps users find the location of various businesses. It is present inside the regular browser of Instagram, which you use for searching other hashtags etc. It’s one of the best solutions for how to make money on Instagram.
  • Allows long stories: One of the latest updates in Instagram stories allows long stories. With this feature, you get 60 seconds to communicate with your followers with no cuts in between, and is best for Instagram affiliate marketing.
  • Instagram reels: These are consistently being improved with many editing options that help make the format engaging. Some important upgrades include music adjustment, story effects, stickers, etc. which is useful if you are thinking about how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram.
  • Profile embedding: This is a new feature through which you can embed your complete profile natively. This assists in showing the creator’s profile in several parts of the internet.
  • Post collaboration: This feature works best for joint posts displaying the post on you and your collaborators. You must generate a post, then click “tag” and “invite collaborator”. 

How to build up an Instagram following?

If you want to know how to do affiliate marketing on Instagram, then the first step is building a strong Instagram following. Here are a few tips you need to follow:

  • Select a niche: You can’t just appeal to everyone, so selecting a niche is important. Choose something that you like and can make some authentic content. Some popular niches are beauty, health and fitness, food, etc. Choose your favorite niche first if you want to know how to become an affiliate marketer on Instagram.
  • Generate the best content: Use all Instagram features like video, live, tags, stories and many more and create authentic and relevant content. Users will favor those influencers who are not out of reach and are rightly curated. 
  • Remain active in your niche: Comment on posts related to your niche. This assists in enhancing the exposure of your account. Do interaction with influencers in your niche and also through stories, live sessions and video content(Instagram video + Instagram Reels). It is important if you want to know how to become an affiliate marketer on Instagram.
  • Use hashtags tactically: When hashtags are in your content, it becomes easy for Instagram users to locate you. But never add hashtags unrelated to you. Make sure your account is visible only to relevant audiences.
  • Do not make the mistake of buying followers: It might be tempting to buy followers on Instagram. These are mainly bots that can’t interact like people, so people are less likely to make any purchases. 
  • Run sponsored Instagram posts: One of the best ways to obtain visibility is by paying for it. You can make payments for your posts to make them appear on the user feeds who are interested in your selected niche. But it’s important to keep track of these posts, like how much you are spending and how successful they are.
  • Post constantly: Post timing is very important for Instagram affiliate marketing. Do not post all at once and flood your timelines. And if you post very rarely or irregularly, your followers will forget you. The time of the day you post also decides how many views and attention you get.

Instagram Affiliate marketing 

Instagram affiliate marketing is a profitable method for earning passive income by promoting various products and services that align well with potential audience interests. But following all required guidelines and revealing your affiliate status is vital. With the correct strategy and highly engaging content, using Instagram for affiliate marketing is beneficial.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an increasingly popular type of Instagram Affiliate Marketing that allows businesses to collaborate with influencers to market their services to their followers. Influencers are individuals who have an extensive following of followers on Instagram and have earned themselves the status of experts in their area.

Here’s how the influencer marketing process works:

  1. Choose your niche: It is important to select a field that is in alignment with your expertise and interests. For instance, if obsessed with fitness, you could choose to endorse fitness products.
  2. Build your audience: You must have an extensive following in order to be an influencer. To grow your following it is essential to produce captivating content that is a hit with the people you follow or like their posts. You can also make use of hashtags and work with other influencers in order to increase your exposure.
  3. Find brands to collaborate with: Once you’ve established a reputation that you are proud of, you can reach out to companies in your field and propose the opportunity to endorse their products for a percentage. You can also join affiliate networks in order to have access to an array of products.
  4. Create sponsored posts: These are posts that you develop in partnership with an organization or brand. You can make an article that highlights the benefits and features of the product and includes affiliate links within the post’s caption.
  5. Create Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories are an excellent way to advertise products. You can make a series of stories that highlight the features and benefits of your product and also include a swipe-up hyperlink for the item.

With the help of influencer marketing, businesses are able to connect with a larger market and boost sales. Being an influencer you could receive a percentage of every purchase made using the affiliate links you provide. It is important to make clear the fact that you’re making use of affiliate links and be open with your followers regarding the products you promote.

Connecting with an affiliate network

Once you get a good following in your selected niche, brands will start looking for your platform. So, your next step is to look for a good offer for promotion. This is the time when affiliate marketing starts on Instagram. This is easy and fast as all you have to do is register in an affiliate network, fill out all the required information, and select an offer from the various offers present.

Some of the important tips to keep in mind are:

  • Find offers within your niche: Looking for every offer and not only within niche disinterests your followers, and they turn away because of irregular and non-authentic accounts.
  • Always maintain a long-term commitment to the brand: Look for brands or products you trust, and know that you will sell the best quality products to all your followers. Also, find a brand with an image that fits you and your account well. 
  • Select high-ticket items: Choosing items with high tickets or a good commission rate is good. Ensure you select worthy offers that bring benefits for you.

So, now that you are done choosing the right offers and connecting with the affiliate network, it’s time to place the link on Instagram to initiate promoting it and obtain some money through commissions.

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Product Reviews

Product reviews are a type of Affiliate Marketing on Instagram. You write a post or story that showcases a product’s characteristics and benefits and also includes affiliate links within the description. How to make an Instagram product review: Instagram:

  1. Choose a product you want to review: Select the product you wish to advertise and that is relevant to your area of expertise. You can pick one you’ve tried before or one you’re looking to try.
  2. Test the product: Before you begin writing a review, it is essential to test the product for yourself. This will enable you to write an honest and complete review for your fans.
  3. Create a story or post: It is possible to create an article or story that highlights the features and benefits of the product. Make sure that your blog post or story is appealing visually and has high-quality photos and videos about the item.
  4. Write a review: Write a comprehensive critique of your product. Write about the product’s features as well as its benefits and disadvantages. Be truthful and offer your readers an honest review about the item.
  5. Include your affiliate link: Add your affiliate hyperlink in the description of your article or story, and add the affiliate’s link. Your followers will be able to buy the item directly from your link and you’ll earn an amount of commission for each sale you make through your link.
  6. Use relevant hashtags: Utilize appropriate hashtags to improve the exposure of your article or story, and make use of relevant hashtags that relate to your product and specialization.

Product reviews are a fantastic method to promote the products you sell on Instagram. They enable you to offer your followers an honest and comprehensive review of the product and also encourage them to purchase the item using an affiliate hyperlink. It is important to inform your followers of the fact that you’re using affiliate links and be open with your followers regarding the products you promote.


Giveaways are an effective way to advertise items on Instagram and boost the number of followers you engage with. They’re a form of Instagram Affiliate Marketing in which you work with a brand to host an event and then encourage your followers to take part by following both accounts and tagging their friends. Here’s how you can create an Instagram giveaway: Instagram:

  1. Select a product to offer for the giveaway: Select the product you wish to advertise and that is relevant to your area of expertise. Make sure the item is of sufficient value to encourage your followers to take part in the raffle.
  2. Make the rules for the giveaway: Choose the guidelines for the giveaway. This may include using both accounts, including others in the comments and then sharing the story or posting on their personal account.
  3. Create a giveaway story: Write a story that announces the giveaway, and also highlights the product. Be sure the post or story is appealing to the eye and contains high-quality images and videos of your product.
  4. Include your affiliate link: Incorporate your affiliate links in the description of your giveaway story, you should include an affiliate hyperlink. This will permit your readers to buy the item directly via your link and you’ll receive an amount of commission for each sale that is made through your link.
  5. Work with the brand: Contact the company and ask them to collaborate with them on the contest. They might be able to offer the product free of charge or provide a discount coupon to your followers.
  6. Promotion of the prize: Advertise this giveaway via your Instagram account and ask your followers to join in. You may also announce the giveaway via various social networks to boost exposure.

Giveaways are an excellent way to boost engagement with your followers as well as to promote your items on Instagram. When you collaborate with a brand to offer your followers a chance to win a prize and then encourage them to buy the product using an affiliate hyperlink. It’s crucial to let your followers know the fact that you’re using affiliate links and be open with your followers regarding the products you’re promoting.


Shoutouts can be described as a type of Instagram Affiliate Marketing, where you endorse another Instagram account through the account you own. In exchange, another account will promote your account on their account. Shoutouts can be an excellent opportunity to reach a wider audience and grow your following. Here’s how to make an Instagram shoutout: Instagram:

  1. Search for accounts that you can shoutout: Search for accounts that are relevant to your area and have a similar target audience to yours. Find accounts that have an impressive engagement rate and a huge following.
  2. Contact the account: Contact the account to inquire whether they would be interested in an exchange of shoutouts. You could offer the account to promote your account, in return for advertising your account on their own.
  3. Create a shoutout post or story: Write an article or story that promotes the account of the other. Be sure the post or story is appealing visually and has high-quality photos and videos that showcase the account’s content.
  4. Include your affiliate link: Include your affiliate link in the description of your shoutout or story, you should include the affiliate’s link. This will permit your readers to buy any product or service using your link. In addition, you get a percentage of each sale that is made via your link.
  5. Collaborate with the other account: Join forces with the other account and create a shoutout on behalf of your account. They might be able to offer you high-quality content to be used in your shoutout.
  6. Promote the shoutout: Post this shoutout via your Instagram account and invite the followers of your account to subscribe to your other account. It is also possible to advertise the shoutout via other platforms on social media to boost visibility.

Shoutouts can be a fantastic method of reaching a new audience and increasing the number of followers on Instagram. By promoting a different account, you are able to draw new followers as well as potential buyers to join your page. It is important to make clear that you’re making use of affiliate links and be honest with your followers about the products you promote.


Instagram is consistently evolving to become more creator-friendly, and this is best for affiliate marketers looking to social media networks as one of the tools for generating some extra income. Instagram affiliate marketing boosts brand awareness and drives sales. So, when you know what you need to do to make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing, it’s time to start.


What exactly is Instagram affiliate marketing?

It is a performance-based marketing through which an affiliate will promote the products and services of a business on their Instagram account, making use of a unique link. When any sale is made through this link, the affiliate earns its commission from the brand.

What type of products or services can be promoted in Instagram affiliate marketing?

You can promote a lot of products and services but they should align with your potential viewer’s interests. 

Is it necessary to have a large following to start affiliate marketing on Instagram?

Although having a large following is helpful, but it is not necessary. But it’s important to have engaged viewers who have trust in your recommendations. You can initiate things with a smaller following and then increase your audience by generating some relevant content.

How much one can earn from Instagram affiliate marketing?

The amount of money one can make totally depends on the rate of commission that is offered by any business, along with the price of products and services and the traffic generated through the link.