50 High-DA Infographic Sites List [Updated]

Since infographic sites emerged about ten years ago in the field of graphic design, they have become one of the leading concepts for communication across the web, in the workplace, and in classrooms.

Basically, an infographic is considered a visual representation of data or information.

It is a combination of brief text, charts, and images that provides a simple and understandable illustration of a particular subject.

The most visually creative and unique infographics are often the most expressive and understandable because they are eye-catching.

People use infographics to filter a large amount of data and represent it in a simple manner, to convey messages easily, to track variable changes over time, and to observe relationships and trends in the data.

importance of Infographics in SEO

If you are not grabbing the amazing benefits of infographics to optimize your digital marketing strategy, you are missing out!

Infographics have gained immense popularity across the Web over the last few years, specifically on several social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

Today, infographic submission sites are considered to be one of the most powerful search engine optimization techniques for building links. As compared to other link-building techniques, an infographic can create a large number of backlinks.

Infographics have become more persuasive over the last few years. Let’s see why!

7 Reasons Why Infographics Matter?

Eye-Catching and Persuasive

Readers appreciate meaningful information that contains figures, numbers, and statistics. Infographics are a great method for compiling and organizing a bunch of information into one simplified format that is convincing and convenient to look at.

Visual contents seem more memorable than plain content, and customers can easily acquire information. When they remember your post, they are more likely to come back and visit your website or even share the post with their friends and family members.

Generate more visitors to your website

It is so obvious that compelling and beautiful infographic sites will tend to drive a lot of traffic to your website. Each “share” or “click” is counted as one more visitor reviewing your post. This method works well because visitors are more likely to share visual content these days.

Keywords play a vital role in boosting traffic. Make sure to place the correct keyword while creating an infographic.

Easy to remember, understand, and read

With the help of infographics, your visitors can grasp the message you are trying to convey, scan the document quickly, and remember it for a longer time after leaving the website.

Infographic submission sites are generally good at handling complicated ideas and simplifying the facts with visuals or images to express the main concept easily and quickly.

It helps spread your brand awareness.

By adding engaging visual content to your infographic sites, it may contribute valuable and insightful information about your product, service, or brand.

If generated accurately and correctly, an infographic can prove to be a powerful means of communication to describe your business or brand.

According to research by various digital marketing experts, infographic submission sites can significantly increase website traffic while also boosting brand awareness.

Make your content go viral

According to the research, 95% of content marketing that consists of visual elements receives more views than content without images.

Hence, incorporating visual elements and images into your post can improve the user’s engagement and make it go viral across the Web.

Linkable and shareable

Online digital marketers can obtain potential outputs through infographic sites. An infographic maintains its significance and can be conveniently posted on a specific website after several months from its initial release.

Turns you into an Expert

By sharing your information with your audience through an infographic, you are not only positioning yourself as a specialist but also boosting the credibility of your business.

It takes time, experience, and expertise to generate an appealing infographic containing knowledge that your readers do not have.

Your customers will cherish the meaningful content and recognize you as an expert.

5 Elements for Successful SEO Infographic Sites

If you want to reach your audience and optimize your digital marketing approach with the help of infographics, you need to consider the below-listed 5 key elements.

  • The concept of your infographics in SEO is:  “Without any main concept or an idea, your infographic will be just a graphic.“. Your infographic must clearly illustrate what you are actually talking about! If you are not clear about the main idea, then you are unable to create a flawless infographic for promoting your product and services. 
  • Information related to your concept: The most important component of an effective SEO infographic is using accurate data. Ensure all the facts and information are from credible sources. You must use your own information as a brand related to your products and services. Avoid including irrelevant points.
  • The text copy of your SEO infographic: You need to write the text copy of your SEO infographic after you find the appropriate information and organize it in the necessary format. Include appealing headings along with brief descriptions to boost the reader’s engagement. Represent the facts in a simple and interactive manner.
  • Charts, Graphs, Fonts, Colors and design are required in SEO Infographics should be based on the main concept of your SEO. It must clarify the purpose of the knowledge you want to convey to your target audience. Do not overload your infograph with multiple graphs and charts. Avoid using too many colors in your infographic.
  • Optimize your SEO infographics: Make sure to choose an appropriate keyword related to the main concept of your infographic. You must insert keywords in the URL, meta description, heading, and content.

Top 50 Infographic Submission Sites

https://www.facebook.com 96 100
https://www.slideshare.net 95 85
https://www.pinterest.com 94 95
https://mashable.com/category/infographics 93 47
https://photobucket.com 93 88
https://www.fastcompany.com 93 73
https://www.flickr.com 92 95
https://www.behance.net 92 82
www.reddit.com/r/Infographics 91 68
https://www.business2community.com 86 64
https://infogram.com 81 67
https://www.good.is 81 65
https://infogram.com 81 67
https://www.dailyinfographic.com 80 57
https://flowingdata.com 80 61
https://visual.ly 78 70
https://venngage.com 72 62
https://www.easel.ly 67 64
chartsbin.com 64 52
https://coolinfographics.com 60 50
https://www.visualizing.org 56 52
https://www.infographicsarchive.com 55 53
https://graphs.net 54 51
https://infographicjournal.com 54 50
https://elearninginfographics.com 54 53
https://nowsourcing.com 54 50
https://datavisualization.ch 53 49
www.infographicsshowcase.com 50 51
https://infographiclist.com 48 44
https://submitinfographics.com 46 47
infographicsmania.com 46 43
https://www.loveinfographics.com 43 49
https://www.infographicportal.com 37 40
https://infocarnivore.com 35 40
https://revuwire.com/submit-infographics 34 23
allinfographics.org 33 42
www.onlyinfographic.com 33 48
thedinfographics.com 32 38
https://www.infographicsposters.com 31 46
videoinfographic.com 27 41
infographicas.com 26 38
https://www.infographicbee.com 26 38
https://infographicsite.com 25 44
https://infographicdatabase.com 25 37
https://www.infographicreviews.com 22 36
https://latestinfographics.com 22 34
https://winfographics.com 16 31
https://galleryr.org 16 32
www.radinfographics.com 15 30
https://www.submitvisuals.com 14 28

Backlink Websites List

When utilized correctly, infographic sites turn out to be a great method for search engine optimization. You just need to be more focused and creative while designing an infographic. Follow the above guidelines, and you will be amazed at the results.

Try it!

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