6 Tips for Writing Customer Service Emails with a Personal Touch

We’ve all heard that cold emailing or calling is no longer effective. Even if you open your inbox, you will see multiple emails using the same old, boring template already available on Google. These templates share more or less the same details, the same message tone, and, worst of all, the same subject line. Cold emailing appears to be alive and well. Instead, it was murdered because of a lack of creativity.

Most big brands are now saying goodbye to email customer support and shifting to live chat instead. This helps brands ensure that customers get a prompt reply for guidance while ensuring a personalized touch to engage them. Big brands like Optimum are setting a benchmark in the customer support industry with their impeccable customer service. Their customer service department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for assistance and complaints. For diversity, they offer multi-lingual customer service for their non-English-speaking customers.  In addition, customers can use Optimum customer service to pay the bill, for hassle-free bill payment.

Why Does the Customer Support Team Find It Hard To Add Personal Touch In Email? 

To understand the customer support team’s point of view, agents usually send thousands of emails daily, so there is no room for creativity. Most of the customer support team has daily targets; others have a list consisting of thousands of emails. Responding to customer complaints gets hectic even if agents work in the customer support department. Moreover, support agents also receive templates from the brand to follow. These templates are issued by the brand and usually have a very professional tone, which leaves no room for customization. 

As a customer support team representative, if you are handling emails, you usually send thousands of emails, so curating a new email for everyone is quite challenging. Even if you want to add a personal touch, you might have to go through the customer’s profile and then come up with a response that they can relate to. 

Moreover, once you receive the response, you must be mindful of how you address that problem, which might also take some extra time. You must be very good at research to make this swift and agile. Then use some easy prompts for using the material you have researched and incorporate it in the customized email template. 

6 Tips for Writing Customer Service Emails with a Personal Touch

If you are struggling with emails but want to ensure your customer feels connected to you. Here are some simple ways to add life to your boring email template. 

  1. Visual Aid

You can’t communicate without visual aid now that Gen Z has entered the market. Since Gen Z is known for its short content, funny memes, and visually appealing aesthetics, they do not have the patience to read lengthy, verbose emails. Optimize your email with visual aids to ensure you stay relevant to them. 

To resolve complaints, get some basic videos ready to attach to your email to help troubleshoot each complaint. Even if it is a cold email, add a video with a basic introductory email about your brand. This will maximize the response and engagement rate. 

  1. Use Subject Line for Unforgettable Impression 

Your subject line is a handshake that you offer while introducing yourself. You have to decide whether to have a gentle handshake or strengthen the grip. You can forget about a good response if the introduction is insufficient. 

Use a positive tone while writing the subject, and make it as short as possible. If you have a funny subject line, do not hesitate, it only shows that you are a witty human in a crowd of IA-based email-generated emails. 

  1. Make Regards Cool

Have you seen how most people add signs at the end of an email? Well, it’s time to say goodbye in style. No one wants to receive a cold goodbye or disregard your designation. Customers want you to stand out because this will be your last impression with the email. 

A fun goodbye is always memorable. Add a funny quote as you say goodbye to your customer, or write a catchphrase that can stick with them for longer than 8 seconds. 

  1. Add Their Name

According to communication experts, the best way to make a firm impact on someone is to address them by their name. 

Although most software will help you add the name at the beginning, it is also recommended that you add their name somewhere in the email body. It will make your customer feel as if you are addressing a friend. 

  1. Add a Sentence for Empathy 

Empathy is one thing that can go a long way and turn an unsatisfied customer into a loyal one. Most companies issue the same response every time someone complains about their service. 

A good way to address the problem is to tell them you have been in their shoes and you know this must be frustrating for them. Doing so will instantly build a connection with them and make them feel heard. 

  1. Interact Like a Friend 

For a long time, the customer support team was seen as the face of the business. If the agents are polite and formal, this would tell the customer that everything is handled professionally. However, recent stats show that Gen Z does not expect you to be formal. 

They want customer service to be friendly and nice to them. Keep the sentence short for an interactive tone, and write as if you are writing a friend.

Wrap Up

You do not have to write everything from scratch to apply the tips. Make sure to make a blueprint-based document and then make simple edits as you are about to send the email. 


How do you send a personal touch email?

To send a personal touch email, follow these steps:

  1. Greet the customer by name.
  2. Show empathy towards their issue.
  3. Provide a personalized solution.
  4. Use a conversational tone.
  5. Offer additional assistance or support.
  6. End with a sincere thank you and friendly sign-off.
  7. Proofread before sending.
How can I improve my customer service email?

Here are some quick tips to improve your customer service emails:

  1. Use a clear and concise subject line.
  2. Keep the email brief and to the point.
  3. Use a friendly and professional tone.
  4. Offer a personalized solution.
  5. Be prompt and timely in your response.
  6. Follow up with the customer.
  7. Proofread for errors.
How do you handle customer service by using email?

To handle customer service by email, follow these steps:

  1. Acknowledge the issue and show empathy.
  2. Gather information to understand the problem better.
  3. Provide a personalized solution.
  4. Communicate clearly and concisely.
  5. Offer additional support.
  6. Follow up to ensure satisfaction.
  7. Maintain professionalism.
  8. Keep a record of the issue.
  9. Respond promptly.
  10. Proofread before sending.