40+ High DA & PA Wiki Sites List in 2023

Do you know you can earn ample of traffic through the Wiki Submission Sites.

Sounds relieving, right?

In order to get across to your potential customers you need to follow the correct instructions.

This article is focused on the concept of Wiki Submission websites and their role in lifting up your Search Engine Optimization.

What is a Wiki Websites?

We all know that Wikipedia is listed in one of the top most authoritative websites across the globe. Backlinks at Wikipedia are illustrated as one of the effective links.

If you are not including wiki submission sites in your marketing strategies, then you are truly missing tons of traffic.

The wiki submission is considered as an essential and valuable off-page technique of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

They are mainly popular for their facility of creating high quality backlinks which can upgrade the rating of your website.

Wiki sites are helpful in representing your informative content on a reliable platform.

You must be imagining why wiki submission is essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Let us explore in the next section.

How Wiki Submission Sites are beneficial for SEO?

There are several advantages of using Wiki Submission Sites to strengthen your digital marketing. Some of them are discussed below:

Building more Backlinks:

The Wiki submission sites are considered to be one of the effective platforms having the most influential backlinks across the globe.

Backlinks are nothing to do with the date of publishing of your article. It is evident that the contents of Wikipedia, its authority and links are still considered to be impactful for a longer period of time.

In order to generate loads of traffic to your websites, wiki sites are helpful in creating strong backlinks.

You must be thinking how?

The main aim of every business related website is to deliver niche-related high quality content to their target audience. Your website will create inbound links when connected with Wikipedia.

Improves Visibility:

In the field of obtaining more visibility on Search Engine Results Page (SERP), the Wiki submission is referred to as one of the key technique.

You must effectively utilize best Wiki submission sites with high PR in order to gain more visibility.

The present article is containing a list of best Wiki Submission sites through which you can submit your content to make it more visible to your target audience. 

Boosts Credibility:

Wiki Submission sites offer a high level of credibility to help maintain the reputation of your business. The moment when you start using the Wiki submission site to submit the content related to your products and services, they will pass you credibility.

It is one of the greatest ways to win the trust of your target audience. Wikipedia truly creates a great impact in lifting the credibility of your website.

Increases Traffic:

If utilize well, you will be able to generate a huge traffic on your website with the help of best Wiki submission sites.

Generating tons of traffic is not that easy! Definitely, you need to work hard for it. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to submit SEO-rich and high quality content on high DA Wiki submission sites.

How to get your business page on Wikipedia?

You need to follow the guidelines properly if you want to get your business page on Wikipedia. Please follow the points below:

  • The basic concept on which you are going to create an article should be eye-catching and engaging. Ensure your topic is valuable for your audience.
  • Citations are also holding equal importance. Provide essential citations to support your information (at least 4). The best way is to select an independent source for providing citations. As an independent source, you can use valuable sources from your site.
  • Ensure that the content you are providing should be non-promotional. You do not have to do the promotion of your services or goods. Wikipedia does not support promotional content. It is better to write about the achievements made by your organization.
  • Make sure that you are delivering high quality content on your website. Wikipedia will not accept your sources if you do not provide quality content.

How to create your account?

Step 1: It is absolutely free to join Wikipedia. By clicking on the “Create Account” tab available at navigation bar you can create your account.

Step 2: You must verify your account with your email and add all the essential information.

Step 3: It is best to search for dead links and clear them up after you have created your account. Make sure your content is free from advertising and it is notable.

Step 4: You must leave enough space to add relevant details and link of your company. Do not include your link until get the approval.

Step 5: Now, wait for the approval from facilitators.

Step 6: You are now ready to include the links and details of your company once you get the approval.

So, this is all about the concept of successful initiation of Wiki Submission. It is recommended to follow each and every guideline provided above if you want to improve your SEO.

40+ Wiki Submission Sites List


You must include wiki sites to your digital marketing strategies if you want to rank high on SERPs.

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