107+ High DA Article Submission Sites Lists for 2023

Article Submission in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

There are various techniques in digital marketing that businesses and individuals use to increase their website rankings by obtaining more traffic.

This includes SEO, SMM, SMO and more. The techniques used depend on the category of customers that a corporation wants to attract. Submisson of article is one of the growing forms of digital advertisement.

Article submission is an off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique. Article submission mainly refers to the writing of an article for your business or niche and submitting them in popular article submission directories.

We use this technique to get a massive amount of visitors to your website. You also need to sure that a submitted article is in the relevant category.

5 Tips to consider while producing a quality article

  • The article should be informative and unique.
  • Optimum Length of the article should be 600 to 800 words.
  • Provide a unique title for your article with the main keyword (Checkout Keyword planner tools), so the web crawler quickly identifies and indexes it.
  • The paragraph should be of 2 or 3 sentences only, use table or list to get a higher chance for your article to be featured in a rich snippet (i.e., Rank #0)
  • Submitted article should be SEO rich article. Do not use excessive keyword stuffing.

4 Benefits of Article Submission

  • Getting valuable traffic – Once your article goes viral, it will reach more audience, which significantly increases article visibility, your website traffic and in search engine ranks.
  • Gain new users – Article Submission sites will establish yourself as an expert who leads to enhance your website’s Domain Authority (DA) and increase the popularity of your site.
  • Less time with fewer money efforts – Article submission sites help you to find or write article which comes under your business category. You have to sign up for the particular website and start writing your write of interest. Later submit the article, some website publishes article instantly while some take time “Pending for review”.
  • Creating Backlinks for the website – Presenting of an content has become one of the best ways to create high quality-backlinks, pointing to your blog or website.

Quick Guidelines for Article Submission

  • It is necessary to submit an article on High Domain Authority (DA) blog or website.
  • Then you need to select an article submission directory such as beauty, medicine, travel, automobile, education etc. and then create an account by signing up on it.
  • After signing up your account now click on “Submit an article”, in some cases call-to-action button may differ. 
  • Keywords play a master part in the article. Choose the correct keyword from the Keyword Planner Tool.
  • After completing the writing procedure, edit and proofread your article and then submit the article.
  • In some article submission sites, article instantly gets published while in some websites moderator will review your article and determine whether your article is approved or not.

Find out below some of the high DA Article Submission Sites


Price – 50$ per post with 1 dofollow link.

TheSEOpedia.com serves as a comprehensive knowledge hub for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of SEO principles, techniques, and best practices. Whether you are a beginner seeking a solid foundation or an experienced professional aiming to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements, this website caters to a wide range of users.

TheSEOpedia.com is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking to improve their online presence through effective SEO strategies. By offering a wealth of information, practical resources, and expert insights, the website empowers users to enhance their understanding of SEO and implement techniques that can drive organic traffic and improve search engine rankings.

Niche accepted – Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web 3.0

Sub-niche includes – On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, Content Marketing, International SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Marketing, Video Marketing.


Google serves this platform for link building which is free of cost.


GitHub is the most popular platform for article submission, which also has excellent reviews. This signifies that the published article will have more traffic and it is free of cost.


Quora is a medium based on question and answer format containing content. This platform also provides article submission is very useful for you.


Tumblr is another popular platform article submission and story-sharing. It lets its users to share article with the publisher’s network



BuzzFeed is the website for article submission, and offers its readers a wide variety of content. This website has a huge base of audience and is cost-free too.


EzineArticles is the website for article promotion which also allows it readers a wide range of articles. It is the popular location for both marketing and content promotion activities.

Top 107+ High DA Article Submission Sites Lists for 2022

Article Submission Websites DA PA
github.com 96 87
buzzfeed.com 93 77
academia.edu 93 69
quora.com 93 77
ehow.com 92 68
wattpad.com 92 66
evernote.com 92 77
storify.com 91 72
seekingalpha.com 90 69
squidoo.com 90 67
zimbio.com 90 66
examiner.com 89 68
ezinearticles.com 86 73
biggerpockets.com 81 58
buzzle.com 80 59
webpronews.com 80 55
thefreelibrary.com 77 55
brighthub.com 76 54
apsense.com 76 55
tumblr.com 75 99
hubpages.com 70 91
selfgrowth.com 62 56
livejournal.com 61 68
evancarmichael.com 61 49
articlealley.com 55 52
mazines.com 54 48
storeboard.com 54 56
http://articlesfactory.com 53 52
sooperarticles.com 53 52
articlesfactory.com 52 53
powerhomebiz.com 52 48
constant-content.com 52 47
abilogic.com 50 49
articles.abilogic.com 50 52
articlecube.com 49 47
http://articlebiz.com 48 41
http://www.streetarticles.com/ 47 45
work911.com 47 43
http://123articleonline.com 46 37
articlecity.com 46 54
threadwatch.org 46 47
triond.com 46 48
submityourarticle.com 46 47
http://articlicious.com 45 26
streetarticles.com 45 47
presszoom.com 44 43
themanager.org 44 40
upublish.info 43 35
feedsfloor.com 43 45
articlecatalog.com 42 16
howtoadvice.com 42 42
articlegeek.com 42 32
easy-articles.com 41 20
http://simplysearch4it.com 41 27
magportal.com 41 48
go2article.com 38 45
libervis.com 38 39
idleexperts.com 38 43
articlepole.com/ 37 41
articlepole.com 37 41
articlesforwebsite.com 37 47
allthewebsites.org 37 44
123articleonline.com 37 46
facearticle.com 36 28
linkcompose.com 36 9
goarticles.info 35 12
pr4-articles.com 34 45
articlespromoter.com/ 33 42
a1articles.com 33 45
article1.co.uk 33 45
uberarticles.com 33 48
articlesbd.com 32 44
prolinkdirectory.com 32 46
articlization.com 32 32
awebcity.com 32 48
saching.com 30 37
articleswrap.com 28 42
articleuploads.com 28 43
articleseen.com/ 27 41
simplysearch4it.com 27 41
dime-co.com 27 42
articlesubmited.com/ 26 42
articledoctor.com 26 38
openarticles.com 26 39
articlemedia.co.uk 26 36
letsbefamous.com 25 43
articlesss.com/ 24 44
ourblogpost.com 24 34
articlecede.com 23 36
webmasterslibrary.com 21 39
srmarticles.com 21 30
articleslist.net 20 38
articleavenue.com 20 41
otherarticles.com 20 42
galoor.com 19 37
ezinepost.com 19 39
articleside.com 17 42
jumparticles.com 10 35

Above all, the article submission sites work correctly. If you have any questions or concern please feel free to comment below, we will be happy to answer you.

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