Google “Things to know” update on 29th Sept. | How update will work?


Recently, Google had organized an event on 29 September 2021, and the event was fantastic.

Google has announced various vital updates in that event; some of the major updates are related to Multitask Unified Model (MUM), Answers to Exploration, Shopping, Quality information, and Security.

This article will discuss the latest update, “Things to know” which is addressed by Elizabeth Reid(Head of Google Search Experiences).

What and Why “Things to know” on SERPs?

Many of the things we come to search for don’t have a single answer. In fact, behind every query, there are so many questions.

Therefore, Google has rolled out the “Things to know” update on the search page to overcome this matter.

This will be an overview of exploring different ways of a topic and this will assist in finding the best results easily and quickly for the user.

How do “Things to know” will works on search page?

Let’s start with an example,

Let’s assume you searched for “how to ride a car?”

A section “Things to know” displays instructions in a dropdown menu

Instruction maybe includes

  • Step by Step
  • Techniques
  • Tips
  • Rules to follow

Here is another example is given by Elizabeth Reid on Things to know search section

Let’s suppose you search for “acyclic painting.” The “Things to know” section looks like

things to know update
source: Google’s YouTube Video

She also mentioned that Google would soon apply deeper information understanding with MUM, which assists in searching for queries deeper and more effectively.

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For more, you can check out the YouTube video where Google represents and talks about Google updates regarding “Things to know.”


Here is a detailed overview of how Google #searchon “Things to know” works which might be a big step from Google as more Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is evolving in SERP’s