18 Ultimate Guide on How To Make Money On Tumblr

Tumblr can be described as a micro-blogging website where people can post links, audios, videos, images and texts just like any other social media platform.

In fact, you can make money with tumblr.

Tumblr is one of the platforms to consider when it comes to make money online. Tumblr monetization has the finest approached and most effective set of rules.

Its blogging is somewhat similar to Facebook as the blog post created by you can be shared and liked by other Tumblr users.

Make money with Tumblr is probably the easiest way. If you wish to earn extra income, you can effectively use this social media platform.

How to make money on Tumblr is possible, you just need to be patient and focused. You can’t make money with Tumblr instantaneously.

The present guide on How to make money on Tumblr offers top 18 Tumblr monetization tips that anyone can start using from today.

  • Traffic:

Traffic is considered as an essential element in the process of making money. You will not be able to gain clicks, income or sales if no one visits your blog.

It is mentioned in this guide of How to make money on Tumblr that you can rely on two sources to generate traffic: The outside world and Tumblr itself.

Several methods to do that are:

  • Must include hashtag in your post and use sufficient number of keywords in the content of your post so that they can appear in searches.
  • You should follow those bloggers who share the similar interests as you. They will follow you and promote your blog and content if you share good content.
  • Comment on other blogs on Tumblr to grab the attention of readers back to your own.

  • Supplement Your Tumblr Monetization:

Whether you are having a self-hosted solution, a Tumblr blog or a WordPress blog, you need to put some marketing efforts to your blog.

If you want to make money with Tumblr and putting a lot of efforts, make sure that your online network of content must be a full-fledged brand.

Building a brand that aims to deliver valuable content via multiple platforms is the great way to build a relationship with the customers.

Ultimately, you will get money from them.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is considered as the foundation for every marketing campaign. Tumblr has not preferred to ban affiliate links unlike Pinterest.

Therefore, you are allowed to attach relevant affiliate links within your post in order to monetize your blog.

It’s totally your responsibility to server non-spammy and valuable content to the target audience. Otherwise, you will not be able to gain profit as per your expectations. 

  • Turn Visitors into Customers:

You can transform your visitors into consumers which indicate building connection with the users who are visiting your website.

You must use the time tested approaches such as acquiring email address, free content distribution, etc.

Tumblr has proprietary plugins like Word Press. For example, MailChimp has a plugin which lets you to subscribe individuals to your newsletter.

  • Advertising:

There are multiple ad networks available online that can help you to make money with Tumblr for every single click. One of the simplest go-to ad networks you must use is Google AdSense.

  • Content Locking:

The content locking networks are also known as pay-per-download networks. They are the channels which facilitate you to place a digital content or a file underneath a locked hyperlink.  

Users execute an action in order to access the content just like completing an online survey.

As per the information provided within this context of How to make money on Tumblr, whenever the user performs an action, you earn profit.

  • Sell Product and Services:

You will know about the benefits of monetization strategy once you start selling your products and services. In that situation, Tumblr blog serves as a great platform to earn profit.

One of the most effective ideas to explore your brand, products and related services is to use your Tumblr blog as a central hub.

  • Meme-ify and Promote:

We all know that Tumblr caters its services mostly to the younger generation. Observe how other brands are utilizing Tumblr and follow their marketing approaches to reach younger audiences.

In order to create an appealing blog post, you must include animated gifs, pictures, art work and entertaining content.

  • Target Gamers:

Another target group that flocks to Tumblr is “Gamers”. Therefore, try to develop blog posts, memes and content as provided in the article on How to make money on Tumblr that look attractive to the target audience.

  • Create the Right Content:

Avoid providing excessively serious content as most of the Tumblr users are comprised of geeks, gamers, millennials and meme-loving segments.

According to the social media marketers, targeting is considered as the critical success factor of sales content.

Therefore, if you try to sell inappropriate and irrelevant content to the Tumblr demographic it may not get much attention of the readers.

  • Expanding to Mobile:

More than half of the Tumblr users create posts using mobile apps just like other social networks.

Turn the focus of your monetization approach on mobile users to monetize the mobile market:

-Ensure your ads and affiliate links contribute to content that is mobile friendly. Else, commissions and conversions may suffer.

-Do not render too serious and detailed content as discussed above. It is best to be short and concise.

-Tumbler is coming up with new ad formats that are targeted to mobile devices. Test them out and observe if they will work for you if you have appropriate content and advertising budget.  

  • Uploading Money:

If you have a valuable and informative content that would be downloaded by many people, you can easily convert them into money.

Therefore, Tumblr provides you a way through which you can effectively earn profit for every single download you receive.

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  • Upload pictures of your page:

This is by far the greatest way for How to make money on Tumblr. Uploading a link and a picture to the other channels is all you need to do.

Whenever someone clicks on that picture, they will ultimately make you earn cash.

You just need to make an account and register with some online services such as ImageTwist.  

  • Create a resume using your Tumblr blog:

Hey, looking for a job in social media? Try to move away from online job search platforms like LinkedIn profile and use your Tumblr blog to create a resume or Adobe Express to create a resume.

You can make the posts a portfolio and incorporate essential details within your sidebars.

  • Create themes for Tumblr:

If you are good in creativity and designing then you can probably for this approach.

Create some themes and templates for Tumblr and sell them on websites like Themeforest and Tumblr Theme Garden.

  • Turn your blog into a testimonials page:

Do you have customers who appreciate your business on Tumbler? You must search you content on Tumblr to find out all the compliments.

Then reblog all the positive reviews you get on your Tumblr blog and transform it into a testimonials page.

  • Use Infographics:

Generally, infographics work well on Tumblr.

It is mentioned in this guide on How to make money on Tumblr that you can easily promote e-book or a course that you are selling to learn more by sharing the infographic including a link.

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  • Sell more books:

If you are an author who wish to sell more books to their target audience, this platform serves you with the best.

You can create pictures from your book with quotes and attach the link to your book and post them to your Tumblr blog,

Tumblr is offering its own opportunities for monetization just like other social media channels and blogging platforms. It does need some efforts though.

2023 Best Guide on How To Make Money On Tumblr

You can start by building your target audience, concentrating on a niche and looking after your client’s requirements.

The success for earning expenses online with this social media platform is absolutely depends on the type of audience that you have on your blog.

This is absolutely essential part as your audience will be the basis for the entire money making process.

Keep in mind that you need to be quite patient while following the above tips. No one can earn money in their first attempt or within few hours.

You will start earning money once you have written enough blogs with best quality and informative content on your Tumblr site.

We hope that this guide on How to make money on Tumblr will be able to answer all your queries and you will start making money with Tumblr.