Social Media Marketing (SMM): 9 Steps Guides, Tips and Ideas

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to paid and organic digital marketing on social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Today, SMM is serving as a great platform for marketing purpose whether you are advertising a product or selling the product online. This guide on SMM showcases the set of valuable social media marketing strategy which should be followed by every company.

Social search plays a vital role in developing your social media presence on various social networking channels. Social search is a type of web search which consumes user’s social graph who is conducting a search. It uses several things to derive results including content tagging, bookmarks and also sophisticated computer algorithms. The present article serves as an ultimate guide containing 9 valuable tips for easy and effective Social Media Marketing (SMM).

  • Customized posting for individual social media platforms
  • Focus on less popular social media platform
  • Set up your brand on social profiles
  • Produce multimedia based content
  • Integrate offline marketing campaigns with online ones
  • Creation of Engaging campaigns or contests
  • Conduct online polls and surveys
  • Make use of Facebook Offers
  • Respond to comments and queries promptly

Customized posting for individual social media platforms:

Do you ever think why we currently have multiple social media channels on internet?

There are several reasons existing but one of most essential reason is to gain the best from social media in every possible way.

We all know that every social media platform have different background. Therefore, you can easily choose the suitable platform for your services depending on your target market.

Therefore, generating customized posts on the relevant social media platform is termed as a good social media technique rather than circulating the same post on every platform.

This will let your target audience and followers to reach your services across in a more reliable way across all the channels and help promote your brand effectively.

Focus on less popular social media platform

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have become the popular social media platforms across the globe. Nevertheless, there are multiple other websites in our country that are not popular like them but they are gradually gaining traction in the field of social media.

Additionally, Social search probably plays a significant role in transacting and interacting with the target customers over these social media platforms.

Exploring small and large social media websites on the micro as well as macro level online can help you to build a foundation for your business. Here are the two such Social Media Marketing (SMM) platforms:

Pinterest:  It is the customized social networking channel that enables us to manage, save and upload videos and images through galleries generally known as Pinboards. As per the individual preferences, it also enables browsing work of other people.

StumbleUpon(Now MIX): It is a social media platform that aids you to explore interesting and unique things through the internet. It is generally considered as a discovery engine of entertainment that suggests technology, sports, fashion, humor, art, photography and many other topics that you want to explore.

Set up your brand on social profiles:

In this era, if you want to enhance your business then building a brand identity on the relevant social media platform using specific Social Media Marketing strategy should be one of your top most priorities. Exploring your brand and its associated products and services via multiple online platforms will be helpful in engaging the target audience which will ultimately increase your sales and brand awareness.

They provide you with the option to create your personal profile which will display your logo, name and other related information which can be updated timely in order to create a credible online presence for your new brand. Ultimately, creating an active profile for your brand gives a good boost in terms of credibility and visibility.

Moreover, people use search engines to get the access to the required information from various Social Media Marketing (SMM) platforms by putting keywords on search box, this behavior is generally termed as social search.

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Produce multimedia based content:

As per the current scenario, majority of people don’t have a sufficient amount of time to read a lengthy article. In that case, an eye-catching picture or an interactive video can attract audience attention and get liked and shared than lengthy articles. If you want your brand to stand out, then you need to include catching visuals in your content that can captivate us and provide a reader with the better understanding of the topic.

As a result, a good quality content which is more focused on multimedia and not being restricted to lengthy readable articles will be obtained. Nowadays, there are multiple instances on internet where popular viral content is in the form of infographics and videos.

Therefore, multiple brands are following same Social Media Marketing strategy and promoting their content through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Integrate offline marketing campaigns with online ones:

The first step for marketing generally followed by several companies to develop brand awareness among the audience is conducting offline campaigns through newspapers, television or radio. It also opens the door for incorporating such offline marketing strategies with the online advertising. It can be implement by adding links to your profiles on social media platforms into the television or newspaper ads.

This will normally help audience to notice your brand and provide the information about your online presence and let them check your profile. It is also helpful in building the trust between brand and a customer.

Integration of both online and offline marketing strategies are also helpful in building communities.

Creation of Engaging campaigns or contests:

Conducting online contest on your Social Media Marketing (SMM) channel can boost customer engagement. Moreover, contests encourage customers to talk to their family and friends about your organization, its services or products. A contest is one of the most effective ways to enhance the audience engagement on your page. When your page gains more relevant followers then it will automatically helpful in increasing pings, likes, retweets, shares, comments and many more. The relevant audience will definitely stick around observe what happens on your website.

People will search about your products and services by placing keywords on the search bar. Social search also help in building a trusted human network on the web which. The necessary and logical evaluation of your online contest is enhancing your sales. The contests serve as an effective way to obtain valuable customers from your business leads. For example, winners will get the chance to try your products for free and if the product satisfies them then they will more likely to purchase your products.

Conduct online polls and surveys:

Need to know the audience opinion regarding your new plans? Then social media platform serves as the best amongst all. Well, one of the most effective and easiest ways to communicate with your target audience and get their feedback is to perform online surveys and polls. This is the simplest way to know about the opinions of your followers. Online polls on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and more, will demonstrate that you care about your customer’s opinion and also address the purpose of getting their opinions on their brand.

Make use of Facebook Offers:

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in current situation. Facebook has a great offers feature. Using this feature, you can develop any type of advertisement for your business whether online or offline and display the information from your facebook page. This Social Media Marketing strategy is best suited for the organizations who want to attract various people across the globe and serve their services and products.

When people want to contact you regarding any offer, then they will receive a mail from your registered email address outside the Facebook, which will enhance the chances spreading brand awareness both on and off Facebook just like killing two birds with one stone.

Respond to comments and queries promptly:

If you’ve ever been involved in any of the social media platforms actively then you must understand the feeling of getting a reply on your comment from a concerned person. It genuinely feels good!

The same process is applicable to the social media profiles of your company. Therefore, as an owner of the page, it is your responsibility if someone leaves a query or comment on any of your post or profile; you need to respond back to their respective comment as soon as possible with the relevant information.

Even if they are criticizing you, you must apologize and assure that you’re working on the issue.

This will showcase your loyalty to the customers and eventually turning them into sincere brand advocates for your Social Media Marketing (SMM) platform.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is indeed a challenging task but its outcomes are amazing and hard to ignore. Therefore, this guide will help you to understand the tactics of Social Media Marketing if you’re looking to invest or start in a productive online advertising campaign either for already established company or a startup.  

Just remember that social networks are designed to converse with others. You won’t see the results if you don’t consider your audience as a top priority.

Keshav Batra
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